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LRB Team Sylhet Tour

It Was An Amazing Tour At Shylet.

Blood Donation

Blood donation for an upcoming mother.

Gram Bangla

It was an inreadible event for street child from LRB travel team.

Gram Bangla

Amar desh amar gorbo.

Nokshi Polli In Purbachal: Nearby Dhaka City For Travel

Like 300 feet bashundhara area Purbachal also famous for purbachal 300 feet road. In this post, I will share an idea of Nokshi Polli Purbachal for a day trip and why you go there!

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Nakshi Polli In Purbachal

If you want to get a peaceful place without any kind of hesitation and jam from Dhaka city, this beautiful locality besides Balu Bridge of Purbachal is perfect for you. There is a lot of eating hotel and restora but NokshiPolli restora is a deferent style restora. 

You can pass a beautiful moment setting beside the river if you like you can travel by boat for some time, and even you can ride on horse car. There is a lot of places to walk. There are a lot of Kashful when they fly away with air their environment has become charming and beautiful.

Address For Nokshi Polli Purbachal

Purbachal, Sector-01, road- 402, plot-06, Gudaraghat, besides Balu River.

Way To Go In Nokshi Polli Purbachal City

You have to go 300 feet from anywhere to Dhaka. There are 2 bridges at the path of Purbachal from 300 feet. At first is Boaliya bridge then Balu Bridge. You have to go right side passing Balu Bridge, there has writing Bholanath cemetery. You have to go Balu Bridge by Auto from 300 feet. Cost is 30 TK for per person. Come down from Auto if you walk for some time you will get Nokshipolli Restora.

Saint Martin Island: Natural Beauty Of Coral Island!

In Beautiful Bangladesh Cox's Bazar Is Queen Of Natural Beauty. Saint Martin Island is the Natural Beauty Of Coral Island part of Cox's Bazar.

The coral island called some beautiful name. They are sounds good like:
  • Saint Martin Island
  • St Martin 
  • St Marteen
  • St Martin Island 
  • Saint Marteen
  • Saint Maarten
  • Narikel Jinjira
The island famous for its coral, st maarten resorts, st maarten hotels, st maarten beaches, the beauty of its own natural environment, etc.

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Saint Martin Island

Saint Martin Island Video

Saint Martin’s island is a coral island which stands beside last south of Bangladesh, northeast of Bongoposhagor. This is far away 9 KM from Taknaf district of cox-bazar and it stands 8 KM far away from the coast of Myanmar, west of estuarine of Naf River. Locally this place is called Narikal Jinjira because there are available Coconuts. 

In common long time ago in unfavorable weather, an Arabian ship with full of cinnamon got beaten up with a big stone which was hidden in sea water and broke. As a result, all the cinnamon in the ship spread all over the island and after this place is called by the name of Daruchinir Dip. 

The Daruchinir Dip movie was shot here which was written by Humayun Ahmed and directed by Taukir Ahmed.
Saint Martins is a popular tourist place. At the time of tourism, there come and go 5 lonch from main plat of Bangladesh. You can enjoy the real test of Saint Martin’s if you stay here for one day. 

It’s better if you stay for two days. One day is for traveling Chera Dip and another day to visit Saint Martin’s Island. There is no comment if you can go at the time of moonlit night, you can hang out at night and can increase your wish to live for a long time.

Cycle Rent  

You can hire a cycle to ride beside the beach. 60-70 TK needs to hire a cycle for one hour. 

Electrical Benefit 

There is no electricity at Saint Martin’s Island. They depend on Generator. Resort and Hotels people play generator up to 10-11 PM from evening. You can’t feel the need of electricity at the time of winter because when no need any fan. You feel problem when you will charge the Mobile Phone, Laptop, and Camera etc.

Some Tips For Travel Saint Martin’s   

01. You can communicate with some travel agency from Dhaka.

02. You can go by Ship from November to March, after March you will be gone by Trolar.

03. There is no lack of any kind of Hotel to live.

04. If you want to live in chief rent, don’t go at the time of Friday and Saturday.

05. Everything is gone from outside, for this the price of everything is high.

06. 5-6 thousand money need for per person for three days.

How Will Go Saint Martin’s Island.

You can go Teknaf by bus of Dhaka, Chittagong and Cox Bazar. Eagle, Modern Line, S. Alom, Shayamoli, Green Line etc buses go for Taknaf. You need to go 10-13 hours. There has a regular bus to go Taknaf from Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar.

You have to cut the ticket for seatrack to reach taknaf Ship Ghat. The distance of Saint Martins from Taknaf is 9 KM. you can reach there at the time of winter because when there the sea has become calm down. 

Water bus of Green Line, L C Kutubdiya, Kajol, Keyari Sindbad etc Ship come and go from 10 AM to 3 PM. Besides, you can go by boat or speedboat.
After April all Ship has been stopped to go to Saint Martin's for Unbearable weather but if you want to go for real adventure you can go by fishing boat.

Cell number of Kayari Sindbad: 01817210421, 0341-62812, 8125881.

Where Will Stay At Saint Martin's 

Saint Martins Has a lot of Hotel and Resort, their cell number is here:
01. Blue Merine: you have to book from Dhaka,  01819063418, 01722473613, 01819063425, 028358484,9342351.

02. Coral Blue Resort: 01713190013, 01713190007.

03. Prashad Paradise: 01551222211.

04. Pacific Resort: 01732434264.

05. Hotel Shopno Probal: 01814274409, 01722545872.

06. Shomudro Bilash( Humayun Ahmed): 01813019839.

07. Shimana Periye: 01819018027, 01817042020, they have a tent if you want they will give you.

08. Nil Digonte Resort: 01730051004.

09. Obokash Porjoton: 01713145584, 9342351.

10. Koral View Resort: 01980004777.

Where Will Eat

All hotel has their Restaurant if you want you can eat from here. Besides, you can order fresh alive fish to fry for eating which is decorated on the table outside of can do Bar- B- Q at night.

Madhupur National Park Bangladesh Review You Can Visit

Bangladesh is a land of the river and it is a country of natural beauty. There are so many national parks in Bangladesh as like madhupur national park Bangladesh, himchari national park, madhupur national park, gazipur national park, bhawal national park, and sundarbans national park all of these are bangladesh national park.

Sal (deciduous) forest is a traditional forest of Bangladesh. Once it was famous as the biggest forest of the country. That glory of the forest is no more. Presently this forest is surviving, in a fragmented form, in the middle and northern side of the country. 

Madhupur National Park has been declared within Modhupur Sal forest to maintain the dignity and to uphold the ecosystem of Sal forest. It is such a park where local biodiversity is being conserved in a natural environment. 

Madhupur National Park has sited in Madhupur Upazila of Tangail District about 125 km. far from Dhaka city. It was declared as National Park in 1982 with about 20,837 acres area.

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Madhupur National Park Bangladesh
The soil of this park is bit Acidic. Moreover, due to the presence of iron and aluminum, this park has reddish or yellowish soil. Since rainfall rate is very low, flowing water is rare in here. Hence, this park has rough soil.

That is why this park has different ecosystem compared to other forests of our country. Diverse plants are there in this park with Sal trees as the dominant plant. Sal trees occupy most of the areas of this park.

Since these trees shed leaves in winter, this park becomes pale in winter. Dried leaves cover the whole ground of the park. But new leaves appear in April-May.

White Siris tree, Arjun, Golden shower tree, Silk Cotton etc. 

Plants are also there in this park. The large volume of herbs and shrubs grow in some places of the park. Various flowers bloom in there. Various climbers frow in here. They spirally climb host tree to grow upwards Apart from these, various species of orchids are also found in the Park. Various ferns and fungus also grow in here.

Among medicinal plants Emblic Myrobalan, Black Myrobalan, Beleric Myrobalan, Butterfly tree and Indian Snakeroot are mentionable. Numerous wildlife survives here under the shelter of these plants. Horgoja and Banyan type trees supply a large portion of food for this wildlife.

This park has the largest population of Capped Langur of our country. They roam and feed in the group. Numerous Monkey can also be seen in the park. These social animals are common throughout the park.

This park is also home to various mammals like Squirrel, Jackal, Mongoose, Porcupine, Deer etc.

Percent of various species of birds keeps the Park resonant. Sweet calls of White-Rumped Shama Echoes throughout the Park. Leafbird, Barbet, Woodpecker, Bee-eater, Weaver, Parakeet etc. are also common birds in this park. 

These birds play a vital role in pollination of the plants. The park becomes colorful & sonorous due to these birds. This park is also home to various reptiles and amphibians. Manu species of snakes and frogs can be seen in here. 

The ecosystem here is rich with invertebrates like Butterfly, Moth, Spider, and insects. They roam throughout the park. They keep the ecosystem lively by helping in pollination. But the increased human population around the park is affection the ecosystem of the park.

Local people are harming the park by doing deforestation, farming agricultural lank inside forest, doing illegal wildlife hunting etc. So to ensure healthy forest for the future generation, we have to stop the destruction of forest by implementing modern management system.

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Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary And Sundarbans National Park Review

In this post, I will share with you a detail of Sundarbans forest, Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary, Sundarbans National Park, Sunderbans Jungle, Sundarban Royal Bengal Tiger and so more about Sundarbans. So, keep reading and watching with your mind eye.

The world’s largest single block mangrove forest Sundarbans is sited by the Bay of Bengal in the south-west of Bangladesh. About 60% of this around 10,000 sq. km. forest in situated in Bangladesh. Sundarbans has been declared as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1997 for its biodiversity, beauty, and unique characteristics. A large number of animals can be seen in Sundarbans. For this reason, the Government of Bangladesh has declared some Wildlife Sanctuaries in the Sundarbans to conserve the biodiversity.

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Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary, Royel Bangal Tiger
Tiger At Sundarban(Source: sunderbannationalpark)

Sundarbans National Park Image

Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary, Sundarbans National Park

Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary, Sundarbans National Park

Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary, Sundarbans National Park
These are some capture of Sundarbans National Park. Sundaerbans National Park Is Located At South Eastern Tip, District of Paragons In the State Of West  Bengal.

You can go there for traveling and enjoy the beauty of nature. You can be got the beautiful Sundaerban Hotels & Resorts for passing your traveling time at Sunderban National Park. Even They arrange for tourist Sunderban Tour Packages. Some facilities are included in Sundarban Your Packages are The best time to travel, How to reach Safari timing, Watching wild animals in Sunderban, Birding in Sunderban, Important places in Sunderban, Travel information.

Sunderbans(East) Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sundarbans East Wildlife Sanctuary is remarkable among those. Sundarbans East Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the east of Sundarbans. Its area is about 31,227 hectares. This Sanctuary is quite rich with biodiversity. The River Baleshwar is running by the east of this Sanctuary. The supply of freshwater in this Sanctuary comes from the River.

Numerous canals, islands, creeks and small rivers are spread throughout this are like a web. Those rivers have met the sea. Here tidal cycle occurs 4 times in day and night. This Sanctuary sited by the coastal area of the Bay of Bengal is making of low plain islands.

The canals Supati and katka are flowing on both sides of this  Sanctuary. The land here is more fertile compared to others Sanctuaries. So a great diversity of plants is seen here. Though Sundari is the domination tree, there is an abundance of trees and plants like Gewa, Keora, Kankra, Bain, Dhundul, Nipa palm etc.

Based on the salinity abundance of the certain plant is seen is the certain area. Though there are plenty of Sundari trees in the northeastern part, the presence of Garan and Gewa tree is high in the eastern part due to a high level of salinity. The series of the Nipa palm is seen throughout the Sanctuary. These usually grow beside the canals. The pattern of this plant beautifies the Sanctuary Nipa palm is one of the prime economical plants here. Local people collect this plant for their livelihood. 

Besides this various species of herbs, shrubs and climbers are found the Sanctuary. Numerous wildlife are surviving depending on these plants. These animals are ornaments of this forest. They are playing a vital role in maintaining the balance of the forest.

About 40 species of mammals are found in the Sundarbans East Wildlife Sanctuary. Monkey, Spotted Deer, Fishing Cat, Sundarban Royal Bengal Tiger, Otter, Wild Boar etc. are found here and various reptiles like King Cobra, Bengal Monitor, Marsh Crocodile, sea snakes etc. are also found here.
The Sanctuary is a safe roaming ground for the amphibians. Amazingly beautiful Green frog is found here. The Sanctuary is also rich which aquatic animals.

The endangered Ganges River Dolphin is found in the rivers and large canals. Apart from this, the aquatic ecosystem is rich with various invertebrates and fishes.

The Sundarbans East Wildlife Sanctuary is a heavenly place for the birds. This forest is the habitat of about 270 species of birds. Among these birds, various species of King Fishers, Owls, Eagles, Nuthatches are notable. The worldwide endangered Masked Finfoot is also found in the forest. 
They exist only in a few places in the whole world. They like to live in the wetland full of plants. But they can be seen foraging for feeding in the canals.  Numerous migratory birds come here in winter. Sundarbans gets a new look with their presence.

These fauna and flora are interconnected with each other. Due to climate change and human activities, the wildlife of this Sanctuary is now threatened and so is the ecosystem of this Sanctuary.  The wildlife is being killed by greedy poachers very often, which is a big threat for the Sundarbans.

Courtesy: Nature & Life 

Famous And Luxurious Restaurants In Banani With Location

Banani is The most important area of Dhaka city. It is a posh area in the city. Most of the Rich people in Dhaka live There. Banani is famous for the luxurious and good food restaurants. Here one can find a different kind of cuisine because a lot of foreigners live here. Today I'm going to write about the restaurants in Banani.

   Restaurants in Banani

Resturants in Banani are very famous for their different kind of cuisine. Chinese restaurant, Thai restaurant, French restaurant, Indian restaurant, Italian restaurant etc. In this article, one can know about The Best Restaurant in Banani, Top 10 Restaurant in Banani.

Hakka Dhaka: Hakka Dhaka is a Chinese restaurant with Asian food also. It is known for spicy food. Staffs are helpful to customers. 

Address: House-34, Road-10, Block-d, Banani, Dhaka.
Phone: 01616-666543
Cuisine: Chines, Asian
Time: 12pm-10:30pm

3 Dragons Pearl:  3 Dragons Pearl is a well-decorated restaurant with an eye-catching environment. Staffs are well trained.

Address: Rang's Pearl Tower, Road-12, Banani Model Town, Banani, Dhaka.
Cuisine: Chinese
Test of Lanka: Test of Lanka is a Sri Lankan Restaurant in Banani. Here one can enjoy the Sri Lankan food like hoppers, symbol etc.

Address: House-90/A, Road-19, Block-E,1213 Banani Model Town, Dhaka.
Cuisine: Sri Lankan, Asian Fusion

Tarka: It is an Indian restaurant with awesome food. One can enjoy fresh lime soda, Jafrani Gulab Jamun, Shai special Kulfi etc.

Address: House-62, Road-10, Block-D, 1213 Banani Model Town, Dhaka.
Cuisine: Indian

Tastebud: Tastebud is famous for Bakery and cafe. It is a place to hang out with friends. Sweet Items are good to test.

Address: House-52, Road-12/A, Block-H,1213 Banani Model Town Dhaka.
Phone: 01878-547239
Cuisine: Bakery and Cafe
Time: 8:00am-12:00am

Absolute Thai: It is a Thai restaurant in Banani. Authentic Thai food, helpful staffs overall It is a good place for lunch or dinner.

Address: House-52, Road-12/A, Block-H, 1213 Banani Model Town, Dhaka.
Cuisine: Thai
Time: 12:00pm-11:00pm

Bukhara: It is an Indian restaurant in Banani. Awesome food with a great view which is located on the 17th floor. 

Address: Iqbal Center 17th floor,42- Kamal Ataturk Avenue Banani, Dhaka.
Phone: 0258812411
Cuisine: Indian
Time: 12:00pm-3:00pm, 7:00pm-11:30pm

Seven Spices: It is a multi Cuisine restaurant in Banani. Food is authentic and service is good.

Address: House-81, Road13/A, Block-D, Banani, Dhaka.
Cuisine: Multi
Time: Not Sure.

These are the best Luxurious Restaurants In Banani you can book anytime for your dinner or food.

Patharia Hill In Moulvibazar Sylhet Beautiful Bangladesh

Pathariya hill is located at Barolikha upojela, District of Mowlobibazar, which old name is Adom Ayel. Madhocundo waterfall is made from fallen water from this mountain. This mountain is far away 72 Km from Shylet Sador, 70 Km from Moulobibazar, 32 km from Kulawra Railway Jangson and 8km from Kathaltoli.

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There are Jerjeri, Kakhra Chori, Ful Dalni Jerjeri and Etauri flower garden springs. The fountains have decorated this Pathariya hill another kind of beauty. The water of Chora is flowing on the stones of big and small sizes. Though feel a lot of problems to go near this springs by walking, crystal clear cold water of Chora, around the natural green, the smell of Shasoni lemon, the sound of grig and birds remove all extreme tiredness.

Almost one thousand years ago, this region was full of deep forest, there lived a Naga community called Pathori. In time, this regio is named Pathariya after the name of this population. This hill is across 24 Km zones. From the highway of Pathoria can see the district of Karimgang, neighboring country of India.

Although there are huge lemon trees its number has decreased. This forest is popular for the Agor-Ator wood trees. Nowadays, which natural trees can see here among them are Nagkeshor, Palan, Bambo, rattan, Mushokdana and wild litter.

Among the mineral resources are an oil caps in this Pathariya hill. In 1933 then the government arranged to lift the oil by the Barma oil company. Later the oil pipes burst and the whole local village float in oil tides with 3 days. At present, this oil cap has been stopped but on the lid of closed well, the sound of the oil is heard by getting ears.

How Will Go Patharia Hill

You can go by bus or train. If you want to go by train you have to go at kamalapur railway station then you have to get the Sylhet bound train, by this train you have to reach Kulawra than you have to go Borolekha by CNG, to go Pathariya from Barolekha. You can go to Sheyamoli, Ruposhi Bangla and Ena bus from Sayedabad.

Where Will Stay In Traveling Time

There are 2 Banglo and 2 hotel. Besides, you can live in Moulovibazar or Shylet hotels. 

Nikli Haor Kishoreganj You Can Make A Trip With Low Cost

Nikli Haor is one of the famous places for Sylhet Tourist Spot.

Taking one day in hand at a very low cost you can travel at the place of Nikli Haor district of Kishargong from Dhaka. You can ride by boat on crystal clear water at Haor. You can see the village like an island which stays awake in the water, small Jolabon like Ratargul, fresh fish fry of Haor, mixing everything Nikli Haor is a perfect place to visit in one day. If you want you can hire a big boat and can stay at night here.
This is not a safe place at night. So, if you want to stay there you should take a big group for staying Nikli Haor.
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Nikli Haor Kishoreganj

Nikli Haor Kishoreganj

One Day Plan For Nikli Haor Tour 

From Kamolapur at the time of 7:30 am get on the Agaroshidu train and will reach Kishorgong at 11 am. From the station, there will need about one hour to reach Nikli Haor by CNG. There is some hotel beside, you can take lunch from here with fresh fish of Haor. Then you can hire a boat to travel. At the time of evening you can come back from the boat and get on the bus can come back at home.

When Will Go Sunamganj Tourist Spot Nikli Haor

End of the rainy season is the perfect time to travel.

How To Go Nikli Haor

Go Kishorigang town by bus or train. From Kishorigang go Nikli Haor by CNG.  Hire a boat than visit the Haor.
 You can go by also from Sayedabad. Cost of the bus is 150 TK. 

Where Will Stay

There is no hotel at Nikli Haor. If you want to stay you will be able to go to kishoreganj.

Cost For Traveling At Nikli Haor

You can go Dhaka to kishoreganj by train with cost-175TK or by bus with cost-200TK. Form kishoreganj to nikli CNG cost 100TK per person. Boat cost from nikli ghat 1000TK for all day.

Bawachhara Lake Choto Komoldoho Mirsharai Chittagong You Can Visit

Chittagong is the wonderful city in Beautiful Bangladesh for traveling. There are many places you can visit in Chittagong like Mirsarai economic zone final, Bawchhara Lake, Mahamaya WaterfallKhoiyachora Waterfalls. In this post, I will share with you about Bawachhara Lake Choto Komoldoho Mirsharai.
Bawachhara Lake

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Mirsarai Economic Zone Final Video

Mohamaya Lake Video You Can Travel

Guliakhali Sea Beach, Shitakundo, Chittagong Video

Coming Soon

Let's see about Bawachhara Lake Detail.

Bawachhara lake stands at Barmasi Chora of Owahedpur village of Mirsarai, Chittagong. Its named Bawachhara located at Barmasi. The type of silent calmness of the crystal clear water will say that its source is, of course, something huge. 

When the last evening light of sun falls all over the lake, it seems from a distance that the whole project is a tourist center. There is falling the water of the shower. Its hears from a distance the sound of falling the shower water.

The songs of the guest birds of the green trees of mountains whose mind does not refresh! Child to old, everybody will be fascinated to see Bawachhara. There are high mountains both of sides. Nonstop, cold water is rolling from high hills on Bawachhara lake. 

At the moon light’s in the night to feel the real beauty of the shower, somebody stays to the tent in the foothills. The natural beauty comes to closer, where nature plays with his own mind. People flutter in shower emerging from the exhaustion of the mechanical life, he was refreshing. 

How Will Go Bawachhara

From any place of the country the big road of Dhaka-Chittagong District of Mirsarai south side of Chotokmoldoh Bazar only 1.5 Km east foothill of hill Bawachhara stands here. To reach Chotokomoldoh from Chittagong time will need about 40-45 min by bus.

Where will stay Bawachhara 

There is no hotel at Chotokomoldoh if you want to stay will come back at Chittagong or Fenni. Chittagong is famous for the five-star, three-star or good comfortable hotel. Chittagong hotels are really comfortable with passing your traveling time. You can choose Chittagong hotel list for your journey.

Where will eat Bawachhara

There is a famous hotel name is Driver at Chotokomoldoh Bazar, besides Kutumbari restora is at Chittagong.