Document Required for Opening Dutch-Bangla Bank(DBBL) Account in Bangladesh

Dutch-Bangle Bank is a popular and large bank in Bangladesh. This is a commercial bank. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Many people want to open a bank account of Dutch- Bangla bank, but some people don’t know how to open a bank account. If somebody wants to open an account then he\she should know the system of opening a bank account. You have to obtain an application form from the Dutch-Bangla bank and then submit it along with another necessary document as follows:
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How To Open  Dutch Bangla Bank Account

First, you need to download a Form from here or collect a Form from your nearly Dutch Bangla Bank Branch. If you download from online please print them, fill them and take it to your nearest branch for faster account open service. Then submit the Form with the following option. If you wish to open an account with the help of someone in the bank then must carry the following required paper appear below:

1. National ID card/ passport.

2. 2 copy passport size photo.

3. Identity card of nominee (national id card/ passport / birth certificate).

4. 1 copy passport size photo of a nominee. 

5. Copy of utility bill of present address (current bill/ water bill/gas bill). 

6. Evidence of occupation (Id card/visiting card etc)

These are the necessary documents you need to open Dutch- Bangla bank account. If you follow these rules you can open bank account very easily.  

Just following this post you will able to open any of the accounts in Dutch Bangla Bank as like student account, savings account, individual account, business account and etc. For more information visit the bank official site is here Dutch Bangla Bank(DBBL).

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  1. I don't have national id how can I open a bank account in your bank?

    1. If you haven't NID then you carry birth certificate/jonmo nibondor for opening a bank account in dutch bangla bank.

  2. I am a student, So I have not any Evidence of occupation (Number 6 of your list). But I am an Amazon Affiliate Marketer. For this purpose I need a Payoneer Master Card. To apply a master card I need the Dutch Bangla Saving Account. So, How can I apply without Evidence of occupation?

    1. It's simple if you haven't any occupational evidence. As a student you have "Student Id Card" must right? You just copy of that and include with your mail file. Thats it.