Top 10 Bangladeshi Female YouTubers List (Updated)

YouTuber.................! a very popular word now in the country of Bangladesh. Most of the people are now familiar with youtube. YouTube is the place of video sharing site and it's a nice platform also for earning. You can earn money from youtube with sharing your own skills via video content. In this post, I will share with you top 10 YouTube icon Bangladeshi female YouTubers in a list. All of they are most popular on youtube for their online video activities. Even they make their career on YouTube with proudly.

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Top 10 Bangladeshi Female YouTubers List

Top Female YouTubers In Bangladesh

Here is the list of 10 best and top Bangladeshi female YouTubers who most popular in the online platform for their youtube channel. The list appears below:

1. Cooking Studio by Umme
This is the channel for learning how to cooking. You can be learned from here so many recipes for family or restaurant cookie.

2. Pari ZaaD 
This channel has lots of video about fashion and styles. So, if you reading this post is a girl. This channel for you to learning about styles and fashion matters. Pari Zaad looks so cute..!! lol. 

3. Anita Sutradhar
She is a dancer and choreographer. In her channel, you can get more video about her dance. She looks so pretty. Far watching her dance click on the video below:

4. Ridy Sheikh
This is another girl who has great skill about dancing. Ridy Sheikh has two channel one is Ridy Sheikh and second is Farzana Ridy Sheikh.

5. Rumanar RannaBanna
Rumanar Ranna Banna is a very popular kitchen tutorial's channel in Bangladesh. For making channel video her husband gives her lots of support.

6. Sumayaa Meem
It's the best platform for learning Makeup Tutorial from. She is a Bangladeshi girl but she makes her maximum video using English.

7. Alpana Habib
This in a cooking channel also. Alpana Habib makes her video with uncommon and tasty recipes. 

8. Makeup Magic With Nuz
This is Nuz's channel. She is also uploaded her video with English. It's a makeup magic tutorials channel and  Nuz is a makeup expert. 

9. Makeup Maniac By Linda
Makeup maniac by Linda is an uncommon makeup tutorial's channel. She makes her video with open products and uses the language as English.

10. Xefer Rahman
Xefer Rahman is a musician. She is most popular with her channel Xefer. 

These are the top 10 female YouTubers in Bangladesh and her's channel link. Hopefully, all of you are enjoying this post. Don't forget to share it on social media and with your buddies.


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