Beautiful Bangladesh Review: The Land Of River Secret & Beauty

Beautiful Bangladesh...! Yes, Bangladesh is beautiful it's not my thought. The countries beauty is my emotion, my feeling, my observation, my proud. I am always proud to be a Bangladeshi for its beauty of nature, it's weather, it's six seasons, and it's people.

As a Bangladeshi, you should know about its history and historical place. You obviously try to feel the beauty of Bangladesh is called natural beauty by traveling 64 districts.

If someone not born in Bangladesh but know the name of Bangladesh. As a forerunner wish to travel here. Then you are welcome to the nature of beauty. To the world largest sea beach. To the largest mangrove forest in the world called Sundarbans. The second city of London called Sylhet is most popular for haor and tea garden. You can't imagine how many tea gardens in Sylhet. The total number of the tea garden in Bangladesh is placed in Sylhet. Even you can see the haven of earth named sajek valley location khagrachari.
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Why Bangladesh Beautiful & Called Beautiful Bangladesh

Bangladesh has so many resources and beauty. That's why people call it with the land of beauty. It all over Bangladesh's 147,570 sq km..! In this short area, it is famous for its nature cause here are 64 districts. All of these are famous to people for individual and particular reasons.

I this post I will try to highlight some beauty of Bangladesh appears.
Beautiful Place In Bangladesh
Bangladesh is a riverine country. It is the full of nature like the hill, river, forest, sea beach, tea garden and so many.  Many beautiful places are in Bangladesh but I write some common and tourist area below.

Cox's Bazar: Is the world largest sea beach in the world is a God gifted for Bangladesh. You can enjoy there for enjoy your time or passing leisure with family or single. There are 300+ hotels are available for stay. For example, ocean paradise hotel & resort cox's bazar, long beach hotel, seagull hotel cox's bazar, hotel the cox today, hotel prime park, sayeman beach resort, hotel sea crown are most more popular. Some of these are five starts also.
beautiful bangladesh, cox bazar sea beach, bangladesh.

Sylhet: Is the one of a gorgeous city and district in Bangladesh. The city decorated with tea garden and famous for hills and natural forest. There are some small river or bill called tama bill, hakaluki haor. The district is full of tourist place for traveling. You can go there for extra test on nature.
Beautiful Bangladesh, tea garden sylhet.

Sundorban: It is the largest forest in Bangladesh but also largest mangrove forest in the world. You can travel the forest for passing river and green test. The forest is famous for honey and golpata. I am sure that that is the most tourist attraction in Bangladesh and you enjoy it so much.
Beautiful Bangladesh , Beautiful Bangladesh Sundarban

Video Of Beautiful Bangladesh

Beautiful Bangladesh Land Of Stories Video
Beautiful Bangladesh Land Of Rivers Video

Travel Wonderful Rangamati Hill Tract In Bangladesh

The village is the soul of Bangladesh actually. In our main occasion, every people move their own village where they born for celebrate the day with all of the own people. Its a tradition in Bangladesh. 

Some village image for beautiful Bangladesh..........!
Beautiful Bangladesh Review, bangladeshi woman
Beautiful Bangladesh Review, Banglar Gram

Beautiful Bangladesh Review, Beautiful Bangladesh Review, The Land Of River Secret

Beautiful Bangladesh Review, The Land Of  Beauty
Hopefully, now you can conceive some idea of beautiful Bangladesh. Try to visit 64 districts and feel Bangladesh with your soul of love. Let me know your opinion about Bangladesh beautiful nature.


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