Beautiful Island In Kuakata Chor Bijoy Is A Enchanting Place Of Bangladesh

Kuakata is from Gangamati sea beach from here to south - east almost 40km far the deep sea wakes up in the Chor Bijoy. This is an enchanting Island. It's about five thousand in size. Thousand of red crab and guest roaming here. From about 5 years ago, the Chor became visible. The Chor named after December 2017.

Originally fishermen are temporary residents here. Fishermen hunt fish around the grazing. Fishermen make and sell dried fish here. In the face of the fishermen, it is also known as Hayer Chor. A fisherman named Hai finds this Island.

How You Will  Go Chor Bijoy.
kuakata can only go from one and a half hours. Barguna can go from Sonakata in two hours. It is a very beautiful place.


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