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Lrb Travel Team is an award-winning travel team of Bangladesh. It works for Bangladesh Travel-Tourism and Bangladeshi People. We converted the population into manpower. We have a good dream for our motherland.

Chattogram Zoo: A Most Attractive Place In Chattogram

The port city of Chittagong means the perfect combination of mountains, sea and natural beauty. Chittagong Hill Tracts is an impressive tourist destination. Mountains, seas, paved mountain roads, wildlife sanctuaries, jhaubans, hanging bridges, seaports – what is not here. And so Chittagong Hill Tracts will be on the list of favorite places of travelers. One […]

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Butterfly Park: An Eye-Catching Place Of Patenga

  Port city Chittagong is the name of an interesting tourist destination. The district is rich in numerous sights and therefore is the name of a tourist attraction. And Patenga in Chittagong is the favorite place for the people. Thousands of traveling lovers rush to Patenga every day at the waves of the Patenga beach […]

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Boalkhali: The Queen Of Natural Beauty

Boalkhali is a large three-dimensional area of ​​rivers and hills and flat terrain. In the north-west, a river of quiet music flows. The river of life is karnaphuli. In the past, the Jyathapura and Koraldenga Hills are covered in green forests. Large flat land to the south. All in all. It is as Boalkhali which […]

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Arifile Masjid : The Historical Place Of Brahmanbaria

Brahmanbaria is known as the cultural capital of Bangladesh. This is a bright backdrop of history, heritage, and culture of the Chittagong district. There is an Arifile Mosque in the ancient buildings. This historic landmark of Bangladesh is located in the Arifile village of Sarail Upazila of Brahmanbaria district. It’s Locally known as the ‘Irol […]

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