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Damtua/Lamonoi Waterfall At Bandarban

Damtua Waterfall is located at Alikadam in Bandarban Hill District which is also known as Damtua / Tuk A / Lamonai Jharna to many. The name of the fountain is usually after the name of Jhiri. The name of the spring in which the spring is Jhiri is Frog Jhiri. Since it is located in […]

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Lichi Bagan A Garden At Dinajpur

Dinajpur, this district is known all over the country for litchi. Litchi is cultivated in 13 Upazilas of this district. In the litchi season, each litchi tree is decorated with bunches of buds. The amount of litchi land is gradually increasing every year. Although litchi is cultivated more or less all over the country, the […]

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Darshona At Chuadanga

Darshan is a border town in the Chuadanga district of Bangladesh. From the British period, two railway stations with computerized facilities of international standards are located at a distance of 1 km. As an expression of India-Bangladesh friendship, the Maitri train has been plying across the border since April 14, 2006. Besides, after the partition […]

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Bhatpara Nilkuthi At Meherpur

Bhatpara Nilkuthi is an indigo factory located in Meherpur, Bangladesh. During the British rule, in order to manage indigo cultivation in this country, the British set up factories in different places which are known as indigo factories. The indigo factory is located on the east bank of the river Kajla, about seven kilometers north of […]

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Arunima Resort Goalf Club At Norail

Arunima Resort Golf Club also known as Arunima Eco Resort. It is located in the Panipara village of Naragati in Narail district. Its location with 50 acres of land. In 2010, Arunima Resort became the first in the competition among the best resorts in the country. Golf, tennis, table tennis, chess, ludo, badminton, basketball, etc. […]

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Amjhupi Nilkuthi At Meherpur

  Amjhupi Nilkuthi is located in Meherpur district which is an archeological site of the then English Nilkuthi and Bangladesh. It is located in a village called Amjhupi, 8 km east of Meherpur district. Next to it is the river Kajla. The Amjhupi indigo factory has two entrances. The entire Nilkuthi complex is spread over […]

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