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Pagla Baro Jame Masjid A Old Mosque Of Shunamganj

Pagla Boro Jame Masjid (Pagla Boro Jame Masjid) is located on the banks of the river Mahasing near Pagla Bazar in South Sunamganj Upazila of Sunamganj district, on the side of the Sylhet-Sunamganj highway. It is also known to many as Raipur Bara Jame Mosque. The mosque is famous for its architectural style and exquisite […]

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Nagorpur Jamidar Bari A Historical Place At Tangail

Nagarpur Zamindar Bari (Nagarpur) which is known to the locals as Nagarpur Chowdhury Bari. Jadunath Chowdhury started zamindari in Nagarpur on the basis of zamindar Subiddha-Khan on about 54 acres of land in Nagarpur Upazila of Tangail district. Jadunath Chowdhury has three sons – Upendra Mohan Chowdhury, Jagadindra Mohan Chowdhury, Shashank Mohan Chowdhury. The British […]

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Tuinum Jharna A Beautiful Place At Bandorban

Tuinum Jhorna is located in Tuinum Jhiri, Ward 9, Kurukpata Union, Alikadam Upazila, Bandarban. The Mro community lives in the area. In their language “Tuinum A”. In the Mro language “you” means water, “num” means black, and “a” means jhiri. That means “Tuinum A” means “black water jhiri”. Bamboo is cut from the top of […]

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Monu Miah Jamidar Bari A Historical Place Of Narshingdi

Monu Mia Zamidar Bari is located at Ghorashal in Palash Upazila of Narsingdi district. For strangers, it is easier to find Manu Mia’s zamindar house than Ghorashal zamindar’s house. The locals know this name well. Although Manu Mia is called Zamindar Bari, Ghorashal Zamidar Bari consists of three separate houses. The three adjoining houses are […]

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