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South Town Masjid: An Architectural Mosque In Keraniganj

South Town Masjid is located in the South Town residential project in Keraniganj, near Dhaka. Due to its aesthetic structure and exquisite architectural style, this mosque has already captured the attention of the people. The mosques are mainly places of worship for devout people and some mosques are overlooked. South Town Masjid In South keraniganj […]

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Baitur Rauf Jame Masjid: An Unique Mosque In Dhaka

Baitur Rauf Jame Masjid is located at Fayedabad of Dakkhin Khan Police Station, east of Abdullahpur Bus Stand in Dhaka. The special aspect of its architecture is that its ventilation and excellent dispersion of light give different dimensions to the mosque’s environment. Baitur Rouf Jame Masjid In Dhaka The special feature of  654 sq m […]

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Tajing Dong: The Highest Mountain Of Bangladesh

Tajing Dong is a mountain range in Bangladesh, located on the Saichal Range in Remakri Pangsha Union, Ruma Upazila of Bandarban. Officially, it is the highest mountain range in Bangladesh and its height is 1280 meters (4198.4 feet). In the past, Kaokradong was considered the highest mountain range in Bangladesh, and modern research has proved […]

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