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Beautiful Place Golden Temple In Bandarban Must Visit

Golden Temple is located by named Bandarban Uposohors Balaghatastho Pull Para. This Temple addressed named Mohasukh Temple or  Budhho Dhatu Jadi Temple. Although its name Golden Temple, but there has no golden dev devis statue. It’s color golden, so its present name Golden Temple. From Bandarban, zela sadar its far 4 km. It is a beautiful pagoda. It is a Holy shrine for Budhho religion. Here Buddha religion […]

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Mahasthangarh Bogra Is A Historical Place In Bangladesh

Mahasthanghar is old pundronagori. It’s present name bogura. It is located in shibgonj thana. In this place 4 thousand old installations there. Strong mawra, gupta and various kings use this place as the capital. This destruction of Bogra cities whole Bangladesh carries the tradition. Tourist Places In Mahasthangarh Boiragir vita: It has been for four decades. After […]

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Boga Lake Bandarban A Beautiful Lake In Bangladesh

Boga lake is one of the most beautiful natural lakes in Bangladesh. It is called Baga kain lake or also called Boga lake. It 18 km distance from Bandarban Ruma Sadar Upazila.  This blue waters lake quite much fantasy story behind the creation. Maximum, visitors come winter in Boga lake to visit. When you will […]

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