Dilhir Akhra: An Ancient Place Of Kishoreganj

Although the name is the Akhra of Delhi, the Akhra is not in Delhi at all. It is located at the end of Mithamoin Upazila of Kishoreganj. It is known that it was named after the Emperor of Delhi, Jahangir. This place is very ancient, surrounded by haor around. The place is still shining with […]

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Sea Gull: A Beautiful Resort In Gazipur

Exhausting out of the enclosed environment of the city, we want to breathe in the open air. For a while, enjoying a relaxing vacation in the natural environment blew the exhaustion of this mechanical life. You will come from far and away, but where is the time! This resort has the extra power to attract […]

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Dream Square: A Wonderful Resort In Gazipur

  It is not bad to go somewhere outside from the city to get some life vibrant out of the monotonous routine of mattress life. However, due to the lack of time, many people can not go far. So all the wonderful resorts have been established for them near Dhaka. All of these resorts have […]

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