About Us

Hello, everyone. We are the team of lrb which called Luthfar Rahman Bhuiyan Travel Team. He founded it in the year of 1015 for about do something for his country and it's people. He is a computer engineer and entrepreneur at google from Bangladesh. Our destination is working together with the dream for future. We highlighted our country's travel please to abroad & all over the world by online and manual marketing also working them. As a Bangladeshi we proud for our motherland and we want to increase educated people in this country for this we work hard 64 districts by teamwork.  

Lrb Travel Team Founded 2015, 18 July.  Our goal is so long and targeted. We work for poor people, street children, an unemployed person who live in the village. Also, we working for village woman who didn't achieve their human right from their environment.

Maybe all of you pray for us and help us from the deep of heart. If you do something better for your country. The whole country even the world try to do different for you, you know.

Luthfar Rahman Bhuiyan.

Luthfar Rahman Bhuiyan Travel Team

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