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Traveling Time

Lots Of Moments We Have, This Is One Of Them.

Gram Bangla

Beautiful Bangaldesh Beautiful Sunrise.

Beautiful Scenery

We Are Proud To Be A Bangladeshi.

Beautiful Scenery

We Are Proud To Be A Bangladeshi.

Beautiful Scenery

We Are Proud To Be A Bangladeshi.

Beautiful Scenery

We Are Proud To Be A Bangladeshi.

Boga Lake Bandarban A Beautiful Lake In Bangladesh

Boga lake is one of the most beautiful natural lakes in Bangladesh. It is called Baga kain lake or also called Boga lake. It 18 km distance from Bandarban Ruma Sadar Upazila. 

This blue waters lake quite much fantasy story behind the creation. Maximum, visitors come winter in Boga lake to visit. When you will come Boga lake, you will see Bom and khumi indigenous peoples.
Boga Lake Bandarban
In Boga lake and outside of Boga lake you will see leads stone, it will surprise you. You can arrange campfire and entertain mind-blowing experience.

How You Will Go Boga Lake

Firstly you will go to Bandarban from Dhaka. You can go Bandarban by Ruma Chander Gari or u can go personal car also. You can go to Bogga lake by jip from ruma. Without you can go Boga lake winter season by the walk on foot. By walk on foot, it will take time to reach almost 6 hours.

How You Will Reach Bandarban

Dhaka to Bandarban has direct highway path. You can go there by bis directly from Dhaka. Dhaka to Bandarban these buses are running-

(1)S Alam services Ltd
Contact: 0341-62902

(2)Shamoly Transport 
Contact : 0443449934

(3)Saudia Transport 
Arambag counter, contact: -88-02-7102465 
Gubtoli counter, contact:- 88-02-8018445 

Where You Will Stay In Boga Lake 

There are hotel and guest house in Banderban.
There are-

Hill side resort
Address: Cgimbok sorak, Bandarban, 
Contact: 01730045083,

Hotel Green Hill
Address: Main sorok, Bandarbaqn-4600,
Contact: +8801856699911

Hotel Purabi 
Address: VIP road, Bandarban sadar, Bandarban, 
Contact : 01823-346383, 0361-62531.
(4)Hotel Paharica, 
Address: Main sorok, Bandarban, 
Contact: 0361-62155

What Will Do In Traveling Time?

You can entertain from the beauty of Boga lake
You can took execute photo

Food Advantage
There are no avialable residential and unresidential hotel and restaurant in Boga lake, so you should collect food water and necessary items from local. You will get these a little price.

Travel Tips
You must take the rent a guide from ruma.

Diabari Uttara A Beautiful Place Of Momentary Leisure

Diabari stands by the capital of Dhaka and it’s nearby Uttara sector of is. Diabari’s natural immense beauty will take you full of whiteness in a soft stake. It’s immense beauty will seduced you. You can go Autumn season. In this time you will see there white catkin. You will get much pleasure in the touch of a white catkin. Again you will see white hoar cloud aperture melt come out gold sunshine. When the sun cant in the west, that’s moments are so much attractive. As far as the eyes go away just full of whitness catkin and catkin.
Diabari Uttara A Beautiful Place
In this busy town of brick, wood, and concrete, there are not any place for a little calm. It is so hard to see one piece of green. When you will go Diabari Uttara you will see green surrounded the place and you feel an interesting moment. In Diabari has another visiting place, It is huge Banyan. Nowadays this Banyan is seen in the drama. A huge Banyan and the road on it’s both sides. Now this place has been called Diabari bottola. Here the drama is shot almost time. Maybe you meet with dear any stars.
Diabari Uttara A Beautiful Place
If its quite a bit you will see a dead river. It is a feeder of Turag river. There has been built an aesthetic connection bridge. When you will stand up on the bridge you will see the river and will enjoy the zigzag beauty of the river.
Abandoned boat, fisherman fishing with a net. You can go this weird, ridiculous and paradise with your lovely family in the evening.
Diabari Uttara A Beautiful Place
Diabari Bridge

How You Will Go Diyabari Dhaka

From any place of Dhaka, you can go Uttara. You have to get down housebuilding bus stand. Then you will see Rikshaw for go infront of north tower and maskot plaza. Again you will go by leguna. Leguna will go direct bottola from here. Leguna rent Apiece 30 taka ( festival day) Rikshaw rent 80 taka to 100 taka ( festival day).

China Barrage Sirajganj A Beautiful Place For Traveling

Imagine it once, you are sitting on the green grass and the river of both sides. No, it is not awake upon the river chest. It's named China barrage. It stands by Sirajgonj district. If you want to enjoy evening time, you can go to China barrage at Sirajgonj. China barrage stands nearby Sirajgonj city. Bangladesh water development board sirajgonj Didtrict city from two k.m far from china barrage. China barrage nearby Jamuna river.
Chaina Barrage Sirajgan A Beautiful Place For Traveling
This barrage beside the Jamuna river countless people visit there every day. It is very delightful would love to surrounding environment to enjoy. And boat journey experience in the river is awesome in a word. After that, if you want you can look around Sirajgonj city. You can visit Sirajgonj city by battery-powered Rikshwa.
Chaina Barrage Sirajgan

How You Will Go China Dam

Forgo to Sirajgonj from Mahakhali bu stand at morning 7 am to evening 7 pm till every 30 minutes consecutive. Ove and SI companies but leave. Apiece rent 250taka. But who wants to go on the AC bus, however, have to go them Mirpur-2 from Mirpur Dhaka line/SI companies bus leave. Bus rent 350 takas. Without it, you can go there on any bus those but go north Bengal. However, you have to get down koddar bend or Sirajgon road. You can go there by train and you have to get down captain Munsur ali station. Then you will go sirajgonj city station Bazar by CNG. After that you will go to china barrage Rikshwa. Rent 25 or 30 taka.

But remember that from Sirajgonj to Dhaka the Last bus for come back evening at 7 pm. Without it, you come back form koddar bend on any bus.

The village of water lily in Barisal Travel Must

It looks like a state of waterlily. The red waterlily the red has been adjusted who is the sunshine of the sun.Its distance 60 km from Barisal Sadar. In the chest of nature, it is a nakshi katha. It stands by in Ujirpur district satla village.
satla village, barisal satla village, water lily
Local people know that is a shaplar bil. Aas far as u can go,u will see waterlillys red levels increase. There are three types waterlily is born. Red, white purple. But red waterlily more than. 
satla village of waterlily barisal
Across the whole village, waterlily is cultivated.70% percent inhabitant involved with waterlily cultivation and marketing. To take pictures it is an ideal village.

Time To Go Satla Village

Almost 9th months grow waterlilly.March to November till waterlily are available in this season.So if u go in this time,u will see waterlily. If u want to see waterlilly,u must have to go early morning. Because, aaafter 8 am flowers are muffled. Without it the hunters pick out waterlilly and sell to thre market. The best opportunity if u can stay at night in the village.

How You Will Go Satla

Bus or highway path to borisal:
By highway, Dhaka to borisal u will reach 6 to 8 hours. Daily morning 6am to night 10 pm till gabtoly bus stand from some bus leave egalitarians borisal.Maximum bus go borisal transit patuwari ghat and some bus go borisal transit mauwa ghat.

Bus rent:
Ac bus rent :700 tk, None ac bus rent:500 tk, Local bus rent:250 to 300 tk.

By launch borisal:
Dhaka to borisal launches leave from sadar ghat 8 pm to 9pm. There are sundarban 7/8, Surovi, Parabat 11, Kirtonkhola 1/2. This launches are good for the journey. This launches reach borisal morning at 5am.

Launch rent:
Dek rent-150 tk,double cabin-1600 tk,vip-4500 tk.

Borisal to Satla

U can go north satla in many ways. Firstly u will go borisal by ride launch,thenu will go shikarpur by bus. Then north satla by auto. If u go by bus from Dhaka however u will be get down ojirpur notunhat, than u can go thereby auto. Another option, u can go there from borisal nothullabad bustand to satla bagdha village. It is direct survice for the bus. Almost 2 hours time to reached. Again u can go by mahyndra gari.

Where u will stay:
If u want to stay satla then must have stay in the schoolroom or household family. Hospitable peope will happy for in this work. If u want ,u can come back borisal. There are some residential hotels in borisal.

1. Hotel paradise to international,phone:+88-01717-072686,+88-01724853590.

2. Hotel grand plaza,phone:+88-01711357318,+88-01724853590.

3. Hotel Athena international,phone: +88-0431-651099,+88-0431-65233.

4. Hotel hauqe international, phone: +88-01718587698.

Lucrative Place Of Pang Thu Mai Village

Bizzarly of Meghaloys Arrayer mountain, Shower, water swivel squirt from the shower and that flowing clause to create "Piyawen river". Sooth to say tremendous, Pang Thu Mai village is called beautiful village in Bangladesh may be for that reason.
Pangthumai Waterfall in Sylhet
This Piyawen rivers if you cant how to swimming, however, you will feel that futility to go. It is a sensational place for photographs. There is another lucrative place called "mayaboti Fountain".When you will see Mayaboti Fountain then you will understand why her name Mayaboti and how much successful for her name.
Pangthumai Waterfall in Sylhet

Visit Pang Thu Mai

Where: Gowayinhat thanas Jaflong Unions Pang -Thu-Mai village stands by Sylhet District.25 k.m distance from Jaflong and 40 k.m distance from Sylhet city.

How you will go: You can go the highway path, railway, airplane from Dhaka to Sylhet.

How you will reach Sylhet district: Dhaka to Sylhet that buses are running:

1. Greenline transport: From Dhaka to leaving time: morning to 10.00 am, evening 4.15 evening 5.30 pm and night at 12.30 pm, rent:850 taka.

2. Shamoly transport: Arambagh counter: Dhaka phone 70102291,0193626023,

Sayedabad counter: Dhaka phone;01718075581;7511019,7550071,

3. Hanif transport: Panthopath counter: Dhaka phone:01713402670, Arambag counter: Dhaka phone:01713402671, Sayedabad counter, Dhaka phone: 01713402673.

4. T R Travels.

5. Shohag transport.

Where u stay: There are some well-decorated hotel in sylhet.most of the hotel stand beside on Mazar gate road, amborkahna and zindabazar.some of the hotel-

1. Hotel Eastern gate and panahar restaurant.
2. Hotel Gulsion.
3. Hotel dorga veu.
4. Greenland hotel and restaurant.
5. Hotel city link international.
6. Shurma valley rest house.
7. Hotel Bahrain residential.
8. Hotel kuraisy residence.
9. Hotel Azmir.
10. Hote payra.
11. Hotel Supreme.
12. Hotel polash.
13. Hotel western.
14. Hotel Anurag.
15. Hotel al Amin.
16. Hotel gardens inn.
17. Hotel ferdous.
18. Hotel Panama.
19. Hotel hill town.
20. Hotel rose veu.
21. Hotel star Pacific.
22. Hotel taz mahal.

What will do:

1. You can take execute photo,
2. You can entertain from the mountain and shower.
3. You can ride the boat and u can how to swim in the river.

Food convenience: There are some food restaurants. but you can take food from Sylhet.

Glorious Old Dhaka You Can Travel Your Leisure Time

    Day To Day Excursion Old Town In Dhaka

  • At first in the morning, 8am will get out from home to you.
  • Morning 9 am to 9.30 am; Dhakessory Temple.
  • morning 10 am to 10.45 am; Lalbagh Kella.
  • morning 10.45 am to 11.45 am; Lalbagh Kella from to Tara Masque
  • Morning 11.45 am to 1.00 pm; Armenian  church,(as possible)
  • Noon 1.oo pm to 2.00 pm -lunch.
  • Noon 2.00pm t0 3.00 pm -Ahasan manzil.
  • Noon 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm- traveling to Burigonga river by boat.
Noon 4.00pm to 5.00 pm-Sakharibazar, and other places.

             Travels Details Description

Morning 9.00 am to 9.30 am Dhakessory Temple. It will take time almost 30 minutes.

Dhakessory Temple: is an ancient temple in Dhaka city. Here Hindu religious people worship  Hindu rokhhit Davy Durga. In 1971 years Liberation wartime this ancient temple has damaged. Next time Dhakessory Temple has well repaired.
Dhakessory Temple
Morning 10.00 am to 10.45 am Lalbagh Kella-It will take time almost 45 minutes.

Lalbagh Kella: In 1678 years Subedar Azam Kha Shah builds Lalbagh Kella for saved from out power attack. Later Sayesta Kha took in power after Azam Kha. But his daughter  Pori Bibi has died. So this Kellas construction work has unfinished. Nowadays Lalbagh is a most important deploying in Mughal time.
Lalbagh Kella
Morning 10.00 am to 11.45 am Tara masque- it will take time almost 25 minutes.

Tara Mosque: Tara Masque is an excellent sketch connected mosque. The nineteenth decade, in the beginning, Mirza Golam Pir has built this Mosque.5 dome prominent Mosque is one of the mosques in Dhaka city that's turned around must to do.
Tara Mosque
Morning 11.45 am to 1.00 pm: Armenian Church- it will take time almost 45 minutes.

Armenian Church: In Armanitolas Armaniyam street 1781 Armenian Church has built. Here it has an American buried. Main Church has locked whole year. But January Months it opens for prayer. People come to this Church and get pleasure.
Armenian Church
Noon 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm: Ahasaan Monzil-it will take time almost 45 minutes.

Ahasan Monzil: Ahasan manzil has government prefecture of the nobabi family in Dhaka. Captivating this palace has stands on kumartoli near Burugonga river in Dhaka. In (1859-1872)years construction work has been ended. This palace built by indo-surprisingly revival Architecture. Today Ahasan Monzil is using museum.
Noon 4pm to 5pm: Sakhary bazar-it will take time almost 45 minutes.

Shakhary Bazar: Sakhary bazar which called Hindu street. When you come you will show sweets vandar besides the road. Various Hindu Dev and Davis idol made and sold in this Sakhary bazar. Without it, some Hindu street.UNderstandingly in Temples notable Sri Sri Jagannath Temple sanideb Temple.
Shakhary Bazar

Nanokshahi Temple You Can Visit There

Guruduwara is a Temple, which stands by the Dhaka capital of Bangladesh. It is a Temple of Sikh religion people. Its situated stands by kola vhabon University of Dhaka campus. This Guruduwara is biggest than the others Guruduwara of Bangladesh. 

It is said that, this Guruduwara of Dhaka where it's situated, that place 1600 in the century Sikh religion pathfinder Guru Nanak stayed for the short time. In this time of stay he Elevation Unitarianism and Fraternity and taught many other rituals to conduct.
Nanokshahi Temple

Sikh religions sixth Guru Hargobind Sings in his during times (1595- 1644 century) one Sikh religion preacher who called Vai Nath arrival in this place and started Guruduwaras construction work. According to somebody, Gurudwaras construction work started Ninth Sikh Teg Bahadur Sing during his time (1621-1625 century). Ending this construction work 1830 century. Later on, it is destroyed lack of maintenance.

After the independence of Bangladesh, in 1972 Guruduwaras buildings were repaired. In 1988-89 century its repaired extensively and adjust outside of the porch and adjacent establishment. Construction financing of the work, staying  Bangladesh and Abroad Sikh religious affiliations give it through.

Horobongso Sing called Dhaka international jute organizations chief that time take care construction work. In 2011 century main buildings of Guruduwara beside Sikh research center, office room and guest room for foreigner visitors is built. Prime minister Manmohan sings wife Sharon inaugurate it.

Once upon a time, Guruduwara Sing has a huge property. Before Guruduwara Nanakshahis area has huge. To the north has entrance. Southside has well and buried. Westside has a shaw paved pond. There have some rooms for the fan of Temple.but nowadays it's unavailable.
Nanokshahi Temple

In 1915 to 1947  years  Sri Chandra was a person in this temple. In 1947 to sixty decade until this temple destitution. After the independence of Bangladesh, it has been changed and gave a new look. Vai Piyara Sing maintains his duty at the present day.

Daily morning to evening two times treatise and the petition was held. Without it, daily Friday noon 12 pm to 2 pm weekly cluster and the petition was held. Parson read out glorification and scripture. 

The glorification of Guruduwara attracted to the fans. Singer Kiron Chanda Ray is heard glorification from the guest house from a long day. After ending glorification and petitions served grace. Here Friday many visitors come and eat lunch.

Every religion people and any aged man women enter into the guruduwara without any restriction and take grace. Sikh people who live in Dhaka .they come regularly in the Guruduwara temple. Various types of religious people come also on Friday in this temple.

Prayer Halls Dhaka Bangladesh You Can Go!

From ancient times people of different religion live in Bangladesh. Mainly people are secular in religious belief. Mainly Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist, and Christians live here. So different Prayer Halls built here in different times.

Prayer Halls Bangladesh Dhaka

1. Baitul Mukarram Masjid
The National Mosque of Bangladesh located at Purana Paltan, The heart of Dhaka. Completed in 1968, the Mosque has a capacity of 30000 people, the 10th biggest Mosque in the world.
Baitul Mukarram Masjid

2. Dhakeshwari Temple
The name ‘’Dhakeshwari’’ means ‘’Goddess of Dhaka’’. The temple is located southeast of the Salimullah Hall of Dhaka University. This Mandir has four Shib Mandir, Nat Mandir, and Durga Mandir, Thes temple has assumed status as the most important Hindu place of Worship in Bangladesh.
Dhakeshwari Temple

3. Dharmarajika Buddist Temple 
North of Kamlapur Railway Station, Dhaka at Ahmedbag Dharmarajica Buddist Temple assumed status as the national Buddha Place of prayer. Each Friday Buddha communities take place here.
Dharmarajika Buddist Temple

4. ST. Thomas Church
At the Johnson Road, the old town of Dhaka travelers can visit ST. Thomas Church. The specialty of the church is a big watch on top of the Church. Every Sunday  Christians pray at this beautiful Church.
ST. Thomas Church

These are the most popular Prayer Halls In Dhaka Bangladesh for different kind of religious people.

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