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Lucrative Place Of Pang Thu Mai Village

Bizzarly of Meghaloys Arrayer mountain, Shower, water swivel squirt from the shower and that flowing clause to create “Piyawen river”. Sooth to say tremendous, Pang Thu Mai village is called beautiful village in Bangladesh may be for that reason. This Piyawen rivers if you cant how to swimming, however, you will feel that futility to go. It is a sensational place […]

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Nanokshahi Temple You Can Visit There

Guruduwara is a Temple, which stands by the Dhaka capital of Bangladesh. It is a Temple of Sikh religion people. Its situated stands by kola vhabon University of Dhaka campus. This Guruduwara is biggest than the others Guruduwara of Bangladesh. It is said that, this Guruduwara of Dhaka where it’s situated, that place 1600 in the century Sikh religion pathfinder Guru […]

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