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Lrb Travel Team is an award-winning travel team of Bangladesh. It works for Bangladesh Travel-Tourism and Bangladeshi People. We converted the population into manpower. We have a good dream for our motherland.

Dibir Haor At Shylet

In Jaintapur, Sylhet, there are four bills including DB’s Haor, Yam, and Harafkata Kendri Bil, which are associated with the memory of Raja Ram Singh of Jaint Rajya. DB’s haor has been named after the bills. The position of the four bills is again not where-where. At the foot of the Meghalaya hills on the […]

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Vinnajagat A Entertaiment Park At Rangpur

Built privately on about 100 acres of land, Vinnajagat Recreation Center is located 11 km from Rangpur city. All the time different species of birds are vocal in the noise. Various species of birds can be seen in their trees. In the evening they return to their nests. Thousands of local and foreign trees are […]

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Bangladesh National Museum At Sahabag Dhaka

The architectural design of this four-storey building of the Bangladesh National Museum located in Shahbag, Dhaka is very eye-catching. The 20,000-square-meter building has more than 63,000 specimens in 45 galleries. Not only in Bangladesh, but it is also the largest museum in South Asian countries. The first floor of the museum is like a small […]

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Rongrang Hill At Rangamati

The beauty of Rangamati will remain incomplete if Rangrang does not reach the top of the hill. The enchanting Karnafuli flows in the lap of the hill. It is located in Barkal and Jurachhari Upazilas near Karnafuli. All the beauty around will come in front of the eyes if you can climb to the colorful […]

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Sohag Palli A Resort At Gazipur

Busy people find a touch of peace in the life of a citizen. So it is not bad to get close to nature quickly in a little leisure. For those who want to visit Dhaka in a short time and come from the side, Sohag Palli is a resort built in a rural area with […]

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Ramu Buddhist Bihar At Cox’s Bazar

Ramu is an Upazila in Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh. Ramu, rich in traditional Buddhist antiquities, has numerous ancient historical monuments. Notable among these are the Ramu Buddhist Temple, the Vihara, and the Chaitya-Jadi. There are about 35 Buddhist temples or Kang and Jadi in Ramu. Among the Buddhist traditions are Ramur Lamarpara Kang, Kendriya […]

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