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Lrb Travel Team is an award-winning travel team of Bangladesh. It works for Bangladesh Travel-Tourism and Bangladeshi People. We converted the population into manpower. We have a good dream for our motherland.

Rajeshpur Eco Park A Beautiful Park At Comilla

The traditional district of Comilla is well known for its archeological monuments and architecture. There are many places of interest in this ancient district. Not only archeological monuments but also places surrounded by natural beauty are not less in Comilla. Rajeshpur Eco Park is one such place of forest beauty. From this Rajeshpur Eco Park, […]

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How to go to Comilla from all over the Bangladesh

Comilla is a district in the Chittagong division. It is well known for its archeological monuments and architecture. The district is also rich in natural beauty. Many people come to visit Comilla with friends or family. There are many places including Rajeshpur Eco Park, Bangladesh Rural Development Academy-Bird, Dharmasagar Dighi, Mainamati Museum which you will […]

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Badur Cave For Adventure Lovers At Chittagong

Surrounded by sea hills, Chittagong is quite enjoyable for adventure and travel-loving tourists. To add fresh air to this enjoyment, a newly discovered creepy tunnel in a remote hilly area in the deep forest bordering Patiya in Padua Union of Rangunia Upazila in the port city has been added. To the locals, it is known […]

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