(BSCIC) Training for The Unemployed Educated

Small and Cottage Industries Training Institute (ski), is organizing a five-day training course for the country’s unemployed young men and women. The training courses will run until 18th November.

raining for The Unemployed Educated, (BSCIC) Training for The Unemployed Educated
More than 33 entrepreneurs have been trained by Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) Ski Training Institute since 1985.
The course fee for this training is 1000tk. The minimum education qualification is HSC. Seats are limited. Interested persons should apply by November 18.
On the same day after the interview, training will begin.
Contact Address: Faculty entrepreneur development, ski industrial, Plot 24 / A, Road -13 / A, Sector-6, Uttara, Dhaka.

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