Build a Career in Call Center at Bangladesh and Others Country

Current trends in youth career in call centres are increasing significantly. Many make choice of smart and challenging career in various telecom companies such as Grameenphone, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel call centre work are choosing. The era of modern technology, call centres, educated society of Bangladesh, reducing unemployment and widespread dissemination of the ICT sector in the country’s overall economy may accelerate. Above all, the call centre can improve the socio-economic conditions. 

Build a Career in Call Centre at Bangladesh, Build a Career in Call Centre, Build a Career in Call Centre at Bangladesh and Others Country


Build a Career in Call Centre at Bangladesh

The possibility of a career in the call centre is increasing day by day. A large number of unemployed youth effortlessly through the creation of employment opportunities. the concept of the call centre is not clear to many people.   the call centre is the system of servicing to clients for 24 hours which all of the company wants to continue their customer service for 24 hours, they depend on the call centre. If you want to work in call centre IT efficiencies to be just that, but all of the educated population will be able to connect.

Honours students who are studying at and above the minimum level educated about the graduation can apply for the call centre job. Call centres can be so smart and challenging job to educate the youth. In this case, students have the opportunity to work part-time. there Are two types of job in call centre  One of them is ‘in calling service’ or ‘inbound’ and other is ‘out calling service’ or ‘outbound’. the inbound is all of the customer services and outbound is somewhat like telemarketing in other words self-initiative to the call centre by phone or via e-mail or SMS to convey information to the general public.

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Call Centre Salary

In cases of the fee a call center give minimum 12 to 20 thousand takes for full-time duty, and part-time duty of the money paid for a minimum of six to eight thousand takes. The call center is the most important thing in your work in whatever profession you’ll find the ability to work in international environment. your future will depend on your skills to call center If you want to experience in the call center of any link to a foreign country with a foreign company can go higher wages. 

Career Houses In Bangladesh

Different kinds of career houses arrange various training system for the job in the call center. if u want  You can do training of that any house to build up yourself as well as more worthy.

Two Career House for Training

Jobs A One, Raushan Tower (Third Floor), 152 / 2A / 2, Green Road, Panthapath intersection, Dhaka 1205.
ICT, 13-B, Center Point Concord (14th Floor), Farmgate, Dhaka-1215.

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