Migratory Birds Of Bangladesh In Jahangirnagar University Campus

In every year when during the winter season then migratory birds are coming in Bangladesh for travelling. Jahangirnagar University Campus in Beautiful Bangladesh is one of the best places for watching them. From starting the winter season the migratory birds start coming to the university campus and they make the amazing tune like the haven silent sound! They are the unique family of the birds of Bangladesh. You can easily travel to natural campus from Dhaka.

Jahangirnagar University surrounded by the green nature and fresh wind. In the campus area, you find some water reservoir or pond with water flower. With some years the migratory birds selected that area for living passing winter season.

Migratory Birds Of Bangladesh In Jahangirnagar University
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Maybe there are 22 ponds are available on the campus are. Most of the time the birds stay on the countable ponds like, In front of the administrative building, 2 ponds behind administrative building, Jahanara Imam Hall, Pritilota Hall and Al Beruni Hall. Each pond nicely decorated with red water lily. In morning hour the flowers are bloom. The birds stay maximum time on these ponds. 

List Of Migratory Birds

In present time you can notice in the campus area duck birds and pati sorali is maximum from others birds. You can also see pankowri bird dolabuk dahuk even pati panmurgi. But when winter is increasing then the new birds start coming. Then new birds are increasing day by day with others.

Migratory Birds Of Bangladesh In Jahangirnagar University
Source: adarbepari.com

In your travelling time, you should follow some rules cause the area is birds sanctuary announced by university authority. Just maintain their rules for watching birds and avoid disturbing them. Don’t make shout and keep quite for enjoy the moment with the migratory birds.

Video Of Migratory Birds Of Bangladesh JahangirNagar

Best Time for Travelling There Watching Birds
The end of the October and first of the November is the perfect time to go their cause the migrating birds are coming that time. Even end of the march they back their own house or country. The perfect time is morning and afternoon for watching birds on the campus. So, you can go morning and pass your whole day in theirs. You can make you lunch at the famous restaurant called bottola resturent. You can complete your lunch at low cost with different kind of borta and good food.
How To Go Their For Watching Migratory Birds 
For Bangladesh travelling you should start your journey the central point of Bangladesh called Dhaka. So, from Dhaka Gulistan, Farm Gate, Kollanpur or Gabtoli to Nobinogor, any kind of bus you can choice for travelling Jahangirnagar University Campus. One word is for you here the most comfortable way is Rickshaw for travelling campus area..! Mind it. So, let’s go the destination of Bangladesh.
Don’t avoid the comment section for asking anything if have any kind of the question. Share it on social media and helps others for travelling. Thanks and enjoy the journey.
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