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Rana Resort And Amusement Park In Khulna

Khulna is the third-largest district among districts in Bangladesh. It comes after Dhaka and Chottogram. Khulna is known as The Industrial City. 394 square kilometres Khulna’s has world largest sea beach Cox’s Bazar at the south and glorious mangrove forest Sundarbans. There are lots of beautiful places for the visit lovers to enjoy in Khulna. […]

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Madhupur National Park Bangladesh Review You Can Visit

Bangladesh is a land of the river and it is a country of natural beauty. There are so many national parks in Bangladesh as like madhupur national park Bangladesh, himchari national park, madhupur national park, gazipur national park, bhawal national park, and sundarbans national park all of these are bangladesh national park. Sal (deciduous) forest is a traditional forest of Bangladesh. Once it […]

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Tribes In Bangladesh ( Indigenous Peoples)

Bangladesh is a small county but beauty of nature! This country full of wealth and manpower. Most of the number of Bangladeshi people are Muslim and some of others religions. So many tribes live in Bangladesh as well called indigenous peoples. They are the part of Bangladesh also. In this post, I will share about Tribes of Bangladesh.  […]

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Top 10 Places To Visit In Dhaka Where You Should Go

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Being a capital Dhaka has a huge population. People came here for their livelihood and busy in work all the weekend. When they became bored in their daily routine they visit the natural and historical places in Dhaka to reduce their boringness. Dhaka has many natural places to visit. […]

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