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Mowdok Mual Zow Tlang Hill At Bandarban

For a long time, some people considered Jotlang or Modak Mual or Jotlong mountain to be the highest peak in the country. However, NASA satellite data shows that it is the second-highest peak in the country. According to some satellite data, Dumlong is second and Jotlong is third in the Rentlang range. However, almost all […]

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Tajingdong Hill The Highest Peak At Bandarban

Tazing Dong, a mountain peak in Bangladesh, is located on the Saichal Range in Remakri Pangsha Union, Ruma Upazila, Bandarban. Officially, it is the highest mountain in Bangladesh and has an elevation of 1,260 meters (4198.4 feet). In the past, Keokradong was considered to be the highest mountain in Bangladesh, but modern research has proved […]

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Ujani Rajbari A History Of Subcontinent At Gopalganj

The history of colonial rule in the Indian subcontinent is very old. This region inhabited by Hindus was under European rule for a long time. The British in particular have ruled the region for almost 200 years. The zamindari system was introduced during all the colonial regimes to maintain local governance, justice and discipline. These […]

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