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Velakhum A Natural Beautiful Place At Bandarban

In the water-stone kingdom of Velakhum, an unearthly feeling is born in Vela Bay! This lagoon of calm-clear green water descends from Amiakhum with high stone walls on both sides and in the middle. As you cross this water-mountain path upstream of Amiakhum, you will be forced to believe that the sky-scraping rock mountains on […]

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Saka Haphong Mountain At Bandarban

Mount Saka Haphong is one of the highest mountain peaks in Bangladesh, not Keokradong or Tajingdong. Also known as Saka Huffong, Madak Tung, or Modak Tuang. Madal Tung wrote it on an ancient map. Some say it will be alcohol. The locals call it Border Hum. Bombers call it Klangmoy, many guides also call it […]

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Horticulture Park A Entertainment Park At Khagrachari

Horticulture Park is a very popular park located in the Khagrachhari district which is rich in natural beauty, hills, and springs. The Horticulture Heritage Park has been built across a 22-acre hill in the Zeromile area of ​​the district town. The park has a beautiful hanging bridge and a large swimming pool. The environment inside […]

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Pratappur Zamindar Bari A Historical Place At Feni

Pratappur Zamindar Bari is located at Pratappur village in Purbachandrapur union of Daganbhuiyan upazila of Feni. Pratappur zamindar house is located in the Purbachandrapur union of Daganbhunna Upazila of Feni. It is also locally known as Pratappur Rajbari or Big House. The boundary of the house of Ramnath Krishna Saha Zamindar, whose construction work was […]

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