Jol Jongoler Kabbo At Gazipur

Jol Jongoler Kabbo

Jol Jongoler Kabbo Resort is located in Pubail, Tongi, Gazipur District, and is known to many as a pilot home. The natural one has been made more natural by keeping it intact with the skillful touch of the designer. If you want to see Jochna, you can come back from the poetry of Jal Jungle The light on the bill will give you a different feeling. There is no better place to visit all day at a low cost. Spend 1 day sitting on the side of natural plants and Shantu beel. You will hardly find a better place to visit in a day near Dhaka.

Jol Jongoler Kabbo

Before getting lost, those who want to touch Anabil Sabuj for a few more days, have not seen any fish, but want to sit with a fishing rod in their hands, are waiting for them at noon. This event can be called the dream of a reclusive person. A small village has been built on 90 bighas of land in Pubail near Dhaka. Bamboo and jute fences, canopy canopy above, water dancing on the horizon in front.

It is not a modern place but it has a touch of clean and rural Bengal. To adapt to the poetic environment of the water jungle. Its houses are made of bamboo. Belai Beel means Water Body has been created with the central character of Water Jungle Poetry. Food is made from vegetables and paddy of one’s own land. Fish is also caught from the bill. Many people remember rice flour bread in the morning. The resort staff is professional, but not commercial.

Jol Jongoler Kabbo

The Cost Of Jol Jongoler Kabbo

Tk 3,000 per person including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cost may seem a little high. However, if you see the food bahara it will not feel. 1500 per person for the whole day (cheap breakfast, lunch, and snacks in the afternoon). Children (5-10 years), workmen, and drivers – 600 Tk per person.

Contact Phone Number – 01919782245 (Mr. Kamrul)

Food Facilities

Drinking-Water Jungle Kavya’s food menus are great – rice, polao, pulses with chalta, chicken, rui fish, powdered fish, kachumukhi with tamarind, mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes, Several more items. Chitai pitha, molasses, luchi, meat, bhaji, tea, murdi are available for breakfast. There are 10/12 types of desi items for lunch. Thick rice, polao, chicken broth, small fish and pickled kachumukhi broth, desi rui fish, 3 types of pulses, a few types of mash and vegetables.

How to Go There Jol Jongoler Kabbo

Take any bus from Mohakhali to Narsingdi or Kaliganj. After 1 hour, go down to the Pubail College Gate area of ​​Gazipur. The rent will be 40 Tk. Then the pilot went home in a battery-powered rickshaw. If you come and call, the gate will open. However, you must have a booking in advance.

Or, from Dhaka’s Sayedabad, Gulistan, Azimpur, Mohakhali to Gazipur Paribahan, Dhaka Paribahan, VIP Paribahan, and Balaka Paribahan to Shivbari. The rent is 70 Tk. Kavya Resort in Bhadun (Ichali) Jal Jungle by autorickshaw from Shivbari. The rent is 80-100 Tk.

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