Bibi Begni Mosque A Old Historical Mosque At Bagerhat

Bibi Bagoni Mosque

Bibi Begni Mosque is an ancient one-domed mosque located on the banks of Ghoradighi, about 600 meters west of the sixty-domed mosque in the Bagerhat district. The mosque has been extensively renovated by the Department of Archeology of Bangladesh and rebuilt in the style of the original plan of the mosque.

This mosque is made of brick. Although the mosque is modeled on the Singra or Singra Mosque, it has three semicircular arched mihrabs on the inside of the qibla wall. The mihrab projection is different from other local mosques. The position of a circular pinnacle on the corners on both sides caused a partial deviation in its construction style. It has four minarets at its four corners.

The length of each side including the minaret outside the mosque is 16.15 m and inside it is 10.058 m and the walls are 3.048 m thick. There are three arched entrances on the east wall and one each on the north and south walls. The hall of the building is covered by a large hemispherical-shaped brick dome perched on a semi-domed squinch.

Bibi Bagoni Mosque

The lower part of the solid round towers of the outer quadrangle is made of mold and the top is of the simple type. Their height did not exceed the curved cornice of the roof. At present, there are very few terracotta ornaments left in the mihrabs, arches, and quadrangular minarets.

These include lozenges and chain designs, rose petals, and ornate arched arches. According to a local legend, Bibi Begni was one of the wives of Khan Jahan Ali. She was his concubine and Khan Jahan built the building on her grave. However, excavations have not yet been carried out inside the building, so it is not known if there are any gravestones inside.

How To Go Bibi Begni Mosque

From Saidabad in Dhaka, every day from 8 am to 10 am and from 6 pm to 10 pm many vehicles leave – Meghna (01717388553), Banful, Tourist (01711131078), Falguni, Ara, Baleshwar, Hamim.

Besides, Sohag (01718679302), Shakura (01711010450), Hanif, and Eagle Paribahan left Gabtali. Rent 300 to 400 Tk. The journey takes about 7 hours. You can take the intercity train Sundarbans Express to Khulna and then take a bus to Bagerhat. It takes about 40 minutes to reach Bagerhat from Rupsha.

The sixty-domed mosque is seven kilometers from the bus stand and the sixty-domed mosque is three kilometers west of Khan Jahan Ali’s tomb. Rickshaw fare 30 Tk. On the northwest side of the sixty-domed mosque, go straight to the west bypassing Ghora Dighi.

Where to Stay At Bagerhat

There are various hotels in Bagerhat Sadar. There are also government guesthouses. Here you can stay at the Mumtaz Hotel on Rail Road. The hotel has fewer facilities but the quality of service is quite good and the cost is a bit high. There are also a few more hotels to stay in the vicinity of this hotel.

Moreover, you can stay at Hotel Avi on the main highway in front of Khan Jahan Ali’s shrine. Rent 400 rupees. Phone: 01833742623. Apart from this, for staying in Bagerhat, Hotel Al Amin (0468-63168, 01718692737, AC dual room Tk. 1000, non-AC room 100 to 400 rupees) and Hotel Mohana (0468-63075, 1722858313 in Karmakar Patti) adjacent to the central bus station. There are non-AC rooms for Tk 100 to Tk 400. It takes 1 hour to reach Bagerhat from Khulna, so you can stay in Khulna.

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