Choto Sona Mosque One Of The Oldest Mosque At Chapainawabganj

Choto Sona Mosque

Choto Shona Masjid (Choto Shona Masjid) is one of the oldest mosques in Bangladesh located at Shibganj Police Station in Chapainawabganj District. This mosque is a witness of 500 years of history. The facility was built at Pirojpur village on the outskirts of Gaur, the capital of ancient Bengal, which is now under Shibganj police station in Chapainawabganj district of Rajshahi Division of Bangladesh.

This small golden mosque is one of the historical structures of Gaurnagar during the medieval sultanate period. The mosque was called the ‘Gem of Gaur’. The exterior of the mosque was covered with gold. As soon as the sun shone, it shone like gold. That is why it is called the Golden Mosque. However, the golden color of the careless golden mosque is no more. Now it has turned into a copper color.

Choto Sona Mosque

History And Style Of Construction of Small Gold Mosques

The Golden Mosque was built in the Middle Ages during the reign of the independent Sultan of Bengal, Alauddin Hussain Shah (1493-1519). The name of Wali Muhammad is found as the creator. This information is known from an inscription found on the middle door of the mosque. However, the date of construction could not be known as part of the date of the inscription was broken. It is only 3 km from Kotwali gate. To the south. The mosque is one of the hallmarks of Muslim architecture.

It is built in the style of Hussain-Shah architecture. The mosque is made of bricks. There is a layer of stone on it. The exterior of the mosque measures 62 feet by 52 feet; The inside measures 70 feet 4 inches by 40 feet 9 inches. Height about 20 feet. In the middle of the three prayers, four arched roofs have been made and brought together in the middle. It has six round domes.

In addition to these twelve, there are three Chauchala domes. These chauchala domes in the middle are decorated with roses on the inside. The mosque is surrounded by four towers. Their land is octagonal in shape. The towers have step-by-step ring work.

The height of the towers is up to the cornice of the roof. There are five doors in front of the mosque and three on each side on the right and left. There is a wide carving on the edge of each door. However, it is not very deep, not understood from a distance. There are also carvings on the sidewalls of the door. The stone archway at the entrance of the mosque is also beautifully decorated.

In front of this arch are rows and rows of tombs of that period. All tied up. The two graves are paved with large black stones. After that, the mango orchard will be visible on the south-east side of the mosque.

An earthquake in 1897 destroyed three domes and parts of the west wall of the mosque. In 1900, the British government renovated the dome and the wall. However, most of the outer walls of the brick walls on the west side were not paved with stones.

Graves of two heroic children of the liberation war in the premises of Chhota Sona Mosque. Inside the boundary wall in the east-south corner of the mosque are the graves of the great Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir and the freedom fighter Major Nazmul Haque, the commander of Sector 7 in the war of liberation.

The Way To Go Choto Sona Masjid

By bus from Kalyanpur and Gabtali in Dhaka to Hanif Enterprise, Modern Enterprise, Shyamoli Paribahan, etc. When you reach Chapainawabganj, you will get buses to different districts and cities from here. From here, the main purpose of Rajshahi is to leave three types of buses, which are: gate lock, direct and local service.

Other bus services from here include Nawabganj-Shibganj, Nawabganj-Naogaon, Nawabganj-Nachol, Nawabganj-Rahanpur. Besides, buses run from Rajshahi to Sona Masjid every hour. Besides, you can reach Kansat by rickshaw and go to the mosque.

Where To Stay At Traveling Time

There is not a very good hotel to stay in Chapainawabganj, but a 3-star quality hotel has been built (Sky View in – 01955668899). Besides, you can go to Rajshahi from here very fast so you can go to Rajshahi with your family. As there are government tourist centers for staying in Rajshahi, there are also many good quality hotels. There are some fairly standard hotels to stay in Chapainawabganj. Hotel Swapnapuri (0781-56250), Hotel Al Nahid (01713-376902), etc. are some of them. The rent will be approximately 200 to 1000 Tk per night.

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