Khoniadighi Mosque A Old Mosque At Chapainawabganj

Khoniadighi Mosque

Khoniadighi Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Bangladesh. It is a historical architecture of Bangladesh located in Shibganj of Chapainawabganj district which is about 36 km from Chapainawabganj. Located away. Khaniyadighi Mosque is also locally known as Chamchika Mosque and Rajbibi Mosque. Gaur was the capital of Bengal from 1450 to 1585 AD. This mosque was built at that time. Next to this mosque, there is a huge dighi called Khaniya dighi.

The area of ​​the mosque is 72 × 42 feet. The building below the main dome is square in shape, each measuring 26 feet in length. The terracotta work in the Khaniyadighi Mosque as well as the brick designs are more eye-catching. Like all other mosques in the area, the use of stone in the pillars and along the cornices is noticeable.Built-in the Mughal architectural style, the main worship room of the mosque is square. The length of each arm of the main room is 42 feet outside and 28 feet inside. Due to the 6 feet wide wall, it has a cool environment even in extreme heat. In the main room, there is a huge dome. This kind of huge domed mosque is one of the few in our country. 3 domes on the east verandah. In other words, the total number of domes of this mosque is 4 including 3 small domes of the verandah.

The Way To Go At Khoniadighi Mosque

is by bus directly from Dhaka to Chapainawabganj. Buses leave from Kalyanpur. Buses run by various companies including National Travels, Desh Travels, Hanif, Grameen Travels. Rent 580 Tk non AC, AC 1100 Tk. Then Khaniyadighi Mosque in Mahendra / CNG. Besides, it is easy to visit from Kansat as it is close to Khanyadighi Mosque.

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