Alpona Gram A Beautiful Village At Chapainababganj

Alpona Gram

Tikoil is the name of a small village in Nachole Upazila of Chapainawabganj. Every wall in Tikil village is a canvas and the people are Alpana artisans. This is why the village of Alpana (A village of alpona) is now known throughout the country. The inhabitants of the mud houses have decorated their own artistic realm like their own. Everyone is king in the realm of color here.

The main artisans of Alpana in Tikil village are the housewives and girls of this village They have perpetuated this tradition on the walls of the house year after year in the lineage Not a single wall inside or outside every house in the village of Alpana in Nachole is left out of the brush. From the kitchen to the bedroom, the girls fill every wall with hand-painted alpana.

Alpona Gram

Alpona Gram A Beautiful Village

Tikoil’s mud houses are beautifully presented and the villagers decorate their mud houses because of their artistry. This Alpana they draw with their own color. Soil is also the source of color in the mud houses here. According to the villagers, housewives used to use girmati, chalk, paint, and turpentine oil to draw alpana. However, the alpana painted on those materials did not last long. Therefore, at present, a mixture of dried plum powder, girimati, old mango shell powder, chalk powder, different colors, manakchu, and banana tree paste is soaked for at least 4/5 days and alpana is painted. As a result, alpana lasted for more than a year. According to them, just as it brings holiness to the home, it also creates an opportunity for everyone in the family to enjoy the home.

Even the elderly people of Tikil village do not know how this tradition was started, but they have been keeping this art alive for a long time at the hands of their ancestors. They do this in a grand procession on various occasions, festivals, pujas, joyous occasions. The words that say the joy of creation is perhaps in the craft of these selfish people. In this small moment of their rural life, they spend their days with the joy of living like themselves.

The interesting thing is that the old men and women used to like the bride and groom of that house after seeing the sweetness of the house. And the women (housewives) of Tikil village in Hindupara still hold the practice of drawing alpana. The villagers of Tikil think that this trend will continue in the next generation as well.

The Way To Go Tikil village in Nachol Upazila

24 km north-east of Chapainawabganj Sadar. The village falls within the Nezampur Union, reminiscent of Ila Mitra, the undisputed leader of the Tebhaga movement. The only means of direct travel from the capital Dhaka to Chapainawabganj is by road. The road distance from Dhaka to Chapainawabganj is 316 km. Numerous buses of various transport companies leave for Chapainawabganj every day from different points including Gabtoli Bus Terminal and Kalyanpur in Dhaka. On the other hand, the buses of these companies regularly leave from Chapainawabganj for Dhaka.

Every day from dawn till midnight, the passenger buses of all these transport companies ply from Dhaka and Chapainawabganj to specific destinations at one hour/half-hour intervals. Apart from all these, buses of Lata, Nahar, Sathi, Durduranta and other transport companies also run regularly on the Dhaka-Chapainawabganj route every day. Although BRTC buses do not run on the Dhaka-Chapainawabganj route from the BRTC bus counter, they regularly leave Chapainawabganj for Rangpur, Dinajpur, Bogra, Kushtia, Magura, Faridpur, and Barisal.

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