Ochin Gach A Old Tree At Kurigram

Ochin Gach

The name of an area carrying the tradition of a tree has become well-known everywhere. This area is a huge Ochin Gach standing tall in the middle of the bush and forest in Joydev Hayat Mouza of Chakir Pashar Union under Rajarhat Upazila of Kurigram. According to the locals, the tree will be at least 500 years old.

During British rule, the tree was named as ‘Achin tree’. Earlier, the branches of the tree were quite wide. At one time the sun could not be found for the stalks of that tree in the neighboring house. Neighbors used to dry paddy and jute far and wide. Instead of time, the current branches of the tree have come down automatically. At present, the tree covers about 10 percent of the land area. The people of the area do not know that the branches of the tree were ever broken in a natural disaster.

অচিন গাছ, রাজার হাট, কুড়িগ্রাম

The tree bears small fruits like the fruit of the pico tree and is eaten by animals and birds. Although millions of fruits fell from that tree to the ground, no tree of that fruit has grown to date. In the past, the tree was home to hundreds of huge, venomous snakes. But no human snakes in the neighboring house have ever done any harm.

Every evening, the people of the surrounding and far-flung traditional religions come to the base of the tree with a vow, worship, and pay their respects in the donation box, and it is written in the donation box that no one will tear the leaves of the tree. Traditional religionists say they have taken the initiative to build a temple adjacent to the tree. At present, the forest is full of carelessness, neglect, and lack of maintenance. The funny thing is that the shape of the leaves on each side is also different.

The mystery of this tree remains a mystery to man even today. The name of this unknown tree has been known as ‘Achin Gach’ in the mouths of people and the name of the area has also been known as ‘Achin Gach’ for hundreds of years. The tree can be seen in two other places, one on Manik Mia Avenue in front of another Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban in Banshtali village of Kaliakair Upazila in Gazipur district.

How To Go To See Ochin Gach

You can go directly from Dhaka to Kurigram by bus to Shyamli or from Kalyanpur to SB, Nabil, Hanif, and Shyamoli, good bus. Besides, you can also go to Kurigram by bus Kurigram (01924-469438, 01914-65626). After reaching the Kurigram district bus terminal from any part of the country, you have to go to Rajar Hat. Then again you can go to Achin tree by rickshaw or auto (easy bike).

Where to Stay At Kurigram

There are several hotels to stay in in Kurigram. Below are their names, addresses, and phone numbers:

  • Hotel Akash Messrs. Hotel DK (Residential) Operator / Owner Name: Alhaj Zahurmanl Haque Dulal, Ghoshpara Mobile: 01712123171 Messrs.
  • Hotel Smriti (Residential) Mobile: 01719-028411 Messrs.
  • Hotel Mehedi (Residential) Operator / Owner Name: Nilufar Ddaula, Ghoshpara, Kurigram.Mobile: 01711-346910 Messrs.
  • Hotel RG (Residential) Operator / Owner Name: Md. Khairmnal Aminul Islam, Ghoshpara, Kurigram. Messrs.
  • Hotel Nivedika (Residential) Operator / Owner Name: Subodh Banik, Adarsh ​​Municipality, Kurigram Mobile: 01716056295 Messrs.
  • Hotel Arnab Palace (Residential) Kafil Uddin Ahmed (Khokon), Central Bus Terminal, Kurigram. Mobile: 01740561008 Messrs.
  • Hotel Bashundhara (Residential) Mobile: 0561-61508 Messrs. Mita Rest House (Residential) Operator / Owner Name: Syed Sajjad Ali, Sabujpara, Kurigram.

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