Sonarong Jora Moth a Archaeological patterns At Munshiganj

Sonarang Jora Moth is located in the Sonarang village of Satyen Sen, a time-honored Bengali of Tongibari Upazila in Munshiganj district, which is an eighteenth-century archeological site in Bangladesh. Although Sonarang Jora Math is known in history as Jora Math, these two pairs are basically temples. The big one is the Kali temple and the small one is the Shiva temple. That is why these two monasteries are also called twin temples. It is known from a stone inscription of the temple that a Hindu named Rupchandra of the area built the big Kali Mandir in 1843 and the small temple in 18. The small temple is basically a Shiva temple. The height of the big temple is about 15 meters. The height of the big monastery is about 241 feet high. It is thought to be the highest monastery in the subcontinent. The octagonal monastery is 21 feet in length and width. The walls of the monastery made of lime-surki are quite thick. The verandah of the two temples is adjacent to the main chamber of the temple. There is also a large pond in front of the temple. This pond was built at the same time as the construction of the big temple. The roof of the main temple is in the shape of a low round dome.

Sonarong Jora Moth

Way To Go Sonarong Jora Moth

You have to take a bus from Gulistan in Dhaka to Tongibari in Munshiganj. You can easily leave Tongibari by rickshaw or auto rickshaw to Jora Math in Sonarang village. You can come back to Dhaka day by day near Dhaka.

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