Modhutila Eco Park Amazing Place At Sherpur

Modhutila Eco Park

Let’s check about Modhutila Eco Park travel guide at Lrb Travel Team. Madhutila Modh (Parkhut Ekila) under the Ministry of Environment and Forests with about one hundred hectares of hilly forest in Sameshchura bit of Madhutila range under Nalitabari Upazila of Bangladesh-India border at a distance of 30 km from Sherpur district town of greater Mymensingh.

With its modern facilities, Madhutila Ecopark has opened the door of entertainment for beauty-loving people by attracting domestic and foreign tourists. Madhutila Ecopark, located at a distance of 20 km from Nalitabari Upazila bordering the Sherpur district, is a unique tourist destination.

There are innumerable small and big hills like Nijhum Island. Next to it is the Tura hills of the Indian state of Meghalaya, two and a half kilometers away. To maintain the balance of Madhutila biodiversity, Madhutila Ecopark is being constructed at Samashchura by cutting down trees in the deep forest.

Modhutila Eco Park

The natural beauty of the eco-park, which is rich in portraits of various creatures, is a real delight to behold. Madhutila is a fascinating place of recreation, surrounded by natural beauty.

Modhutila Eco Park

What Is In The Madhutila Eco Park?

Among the tourist facilities is the afforestation of fifteen acres of ornamental and rare species. Twenty acres of forest land includes medicinal plantations, resthouses, and homes. A state-of-the-art rest house with four rooms is under construction. There are 2 hands, 2 tigers, mermaid, eagle, Hanuman, owl, snake, crocodile, deer, kangaroo, frog, the lion as sculptures or portraits of different wild animals.

Infrastructure works include an observation tower, 1-star bridge, public toilet, seating area. There are 3 paddle boats and 5 native boats for navigating and using the water of the lake. The eco-park is currently open to visitors. Crowds are constantly growing to visit the tourist center for free.

Many are enjoying endless joy in a quiet environment free from noise. Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city, Pipasura, who travels from all over the country, including Dhaka, is coming every day to see the alluring natural beauty. Mountain after hill wandering. There is a huge range of recreation. Follow the road to the left of the Madhutila Ecopark Gate to the observation tower.

It is built on a high hill. Standing on the observation tower you will enjoy the fun, quiet-silence of nature. Like a frozen window. Everywhere is like a kingdom of green. You will see the rugged hills of the Indian state of Meghalaya located a little further away. Valuable and rare plant. The main gate of the eco-park is the sculpture of a wild animal elephant in Peru. It seems to be standing in reality.

If you take a few steps, you will see a virgin mermaid in the corner of the lake and 3 paddle boats, and 5 native boats in the water of the lake. The water of the mountain springs has come and mixed with the water of the lake. To the right of the culvert is a stationery store with light snacks, tea, and coffee.

A little further on is the picturesque Star Bridge, built on the water of the lake. Hundreds of people can stand together and enjoy a picnic. There is an artificial crocodile next to it. It will look real. After that, sculptures of different animals will be seen in a wide area from time to time. There is seating in place. The steep road cut through the high hills has been made to go to the resthouse. In the middle row of the notched paved road suitable for a private-micro walk, there is a work of art with stones of different colors so that the feet do not slip. And if you stand from top to bottom, you will feel the rows of flowers.

There are portraits of biodiversity on both sides. When you look at the sculptures, it will look like a perfect picture of the artist’s hand. Standing on the curved stairs of the resthouse, one can enjoy the enchanting environment of nature. Looking at the high and low hills, it seems that there is a stream of water and below it is a lake. In fact, they are the way to climb the mountain. Turn around and rest in the resthouse.

Enjoy the modern facilities of the resthouse. Then after eating and drinking, go out again from hill to hill, to another hill. Biodiversity, wildlife sculptures, and nature combine to capture images on the camera. If you have time to return, you can go to the nearest Burmese mission or Christian mission. It is also known as an interesting place of interest in the district. Very close to Madhutila is Ghajini Holiday Center, one of the major tourist destinations in the greater district, which is already known as a state-of-the-art tourist destination across the country.

How To Go Modhutila Park

You can take private cars, microbuses, minibusses, and big buses directly from Dhaka to the tourist center Madhutila Ecopark. There are also Dreamland, Turag, Anand, or other services from Mohakhali bus terminal to Sherpur.

They can be rented for 90 to 140 Tk and come to Sherpur in a maxi-taxi or pickup van to go directly to Madhutila Ecopark or picnic spot for about 30 km. You can also go to Nakla Nalitabari Upazila in a maxi-taxi or pickup van to save some time. However, it is better to take a private car in a group. All in all, it will take 4/5 hours to go to the spot.

Where To Eat Sherpur

You will find mineral water, drinks, stationery including tea and coffee, food in the shops of the spot area. But since no fast food or heavy food can be found there, you have to take it with the food of your choice. You can also cook or go to the spot and arrange cooking with the permission of the Range Office adjacent to the spot.

Although there is no suitable spot for cooking, at this moment you have to cook under your own management under the open sky. You can book a room in a four-room rest house with modern facilities. So, in your spare time, visit the tourist centers of the greater district with your family. Enjoy a different joy in search of innovation.

Where To Stay At Traveling Time

You can come back from Dhaka every day. But if you want you can stay in Sherpur city for one night. There are several quality hotels in Sherpur, the most notable of which are –

  • Hotel Sampad Plaza (Residential) – Phone: 0171829044, 0931-61776
  • Arafat Guest House (Residential) – Phone: 0931-61217
  • Spectrum Guest House (Residential) – Phone:0931-61575
  • House (Residential) – Phone: 0931-61206

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