The Seasons of Bangladesh Is Most Famous In The World

The word ‘season’ means a period of time when a particular kind of climate prevails. The earth revolves around the sun once a year. This annual motion causes the change of seasons. In this post I will share will you about the seasons of Bangladesh. The country of Bangladesh is more popular to others for it’s colourful and amazing six seasons.

The Seasons of Bangladesh, Sundorbon

Six Seasons In Bangladesh 

It Bangladesh, there are six seasons-summer, rainy, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. Usually, two Bengali months make a season.

Description-Their merits and demerits

Baishakh and Jaistha are the summer months. The summer is the season of scorching heat, thirst and dust. There are occasional rains and storms. Many kinds of fruits like mangoes, lichis, berries etc. are available then. The ponds and canals dry up. Land becomes barren.

Ashar and Shraban make the rainy season. During this time, the sky remains cloudy. It rains heavily or drizzles all day long. Land becomes damp and swampy. The ponds, canals and the rivers are full to the brim. Roads become muddy. Communication becomes difficult. Paddy and jute grow well. Excessive rains cause flood which brings miseries to the people. 

The rains are followed by autumn- the months of Bhadra and Aswin. Rains are scarce. Fields are rich in crops. It is a season of peace and plenty. The sky is clear. Lotus, shapla and many aquatic flowers bloom. The fields are green with Aman paddy.

Next comes late autumn. Kartik and Agrahayan make this season. Dew begins to fall. Paddy ripens. It is a period of harvesting. Fish is abundant. Communication becomes easier.

Then come winter. Pous and Magh make this season. It is a season of harvest. Food is available everywhere. The days are shorter than nights. Heat and rains both are absent. Nature becomes gloomy, foggy and chilly. Trees are bare of leaves. Fish and vegetables are plentiful.

The winter is followed by the spring- the last but the loveliest of all seasons, Falgun and Chaitra are the two months of the season. Days are warm and the temperature is moderate in the beginning. Flowers bloom everywhere. The pleasant breeze blows. Trees are full of songs, music, color, beauty, and scent. But it is short-lived.

Last Words For Seasons Of Bangladesh 

Seasons come and go. Sights and scenes change in every season. We enjoy varieties of nature the whole year. But we suffer from nature does not behave any time.

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