Tungipara Upazila Gopalganj Bangladesh

One remembers the father of the nation as soon as hears the named of the place Tungipara. A sightseeing place has expanded revolving around the mausoleum of Bangladesh. Not only native tourists, the foreigner tourists also come to visit.

tungipara gopalganj

Tungipara is a calm and quits village. In 17th March 1920 father of the nation Bangabandhu turned it to a thana adding a part of Gopalganj main and Kotwalipara sub-district. 

Our honorable prime minister elected as the MP from here.
Tongipara is 160 km away from Dhaka via Maowa vanga vatiapara. If you prefer, You can go via Aricha Goalondo Faridpur Vanga. In that case, length of the journey will increase in 110 km more. You can stay in Parjatan’s motel, bool your room at 01880-6655-5634. Tungipara’s joaria’s lake and borni’s baor is famous for the fish.

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