Marine Engineering In Thrilling And Challenging Job

You can also travel through the coast of the sea ruled ships, and the country’s largest port. This opportunity has created the Marine Academy of Bangladesh, the Marine Fisheries Academy and several private educational institutions of the country. In the science and Marine engineering, a good idea is given about the management of seaport management, sea level knowledge, ship building and its maintenance. High school students will have the opportunity to read this subject.
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Bangladesh Marine Academy

Three years in the degree of Nautical Science and Marine Engineering degree can be done at the Bangladesh Marine Academy. Two years of theoretical education and one year ‘on job training’ will be completed in three years. To be admitted to Nautical Science and Marine Engineering, the student must complete Secondary and Higher Secondary from the Department of Science and both must have GPA 3.5. Apart from this, there should be 3.5-grade points in mathematics and physics and 3-grade points in English. Physical height: At least five feet four inches for boys and at least five feet two inches for girls. Apart from this, students with A-level must have minimum C grade in five subjects including mathematics, physics, chemistry, science and English. Not only that, the student must know swimming. The cost of this course will be four lakh 10 thousand taka.

Marine Fisheries Academy

To complete this course from the Marine Fisheries Academy of Chittagong, the secondary and higher secondary level will be passed in the science department. Secondary and Higher Secondary will have a minimum of 2.5 GPA. There should be 2.5 grade points in mathematics and physics. Physical height: At least 162 cm for boys and at least 155 cm for girls. Students must know swimming. 

There are also several private educational institutions that have the opportunity to study nautical science and marine engineering. That is United Marine Academy, Westway Marine Academy, Atlantic Marine Academy. you also need GPA-3.50 in secondary and higher secondary. Apart from this, there should be 3.5 grade points in mathematics and physics and 3 grade points in English. You need 14 lak tk to complete marine engineering and 13 lakh for nautical science from United Marine Academy. 11 lakh tk need for  West way Marine Academy.And 12 lakh 70 thousand tk need for , Atlantic Marine Academy.  

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