Lucrative Place Of Pang Thu Mai Village In Sylhet

Bizzarly of Meghaloys Arrayer mountain, Shower, water swivel squirt from the shower and that flowing clause to create “Piyawen river”. Sooth to say tremendous, Pang Thu Mai village is called beautiful village in Bangladesh maybe for that reason.

Pangthumai Waterfall in Sylhet

This Piyawen rivers if you cant how to swimming, however, you will feel that futility to go. It is a sensational place for photographs. There is another lucrative place called “mayaboti Fountain”.When you will see Mayaboti Fountain then you will understand why her name Mayaboti and how much success for her name.

Visit Pang Thu Mai

Where: Gowayinhat thanas Jaflong Unions Pang -Thu-Mai village stands by Sylhet District.25 k.m distance from Jaflong and 40 k.m distance from Sylhet city.
How you will go: You can go the highway path, railway, airplane from Dhaka to Sylhet.
How you will reach Sylhet district: Dhaka to Sylhet that buses are running:
1. Greenline transport: From Dhaka to leaving time: morning to 10.00 am, evening 4.15 evening 5.30 pm and night at 12.30 pm, rent:850 taka.
2. Shamoly transport: Arambagh counter: Dhaka phone 70102291,0193626023,
Sayedabad counter: Dhaka phone;01718075581;7511019,7550071,
3. Hanif transport: Panthopath counter: Dhaka phone:01713402670, Arambag counter: Dhaka phone:01713402671, Sayedabad counter, Dhaka phone: 01713402673.
4. T R Travels.
5. Shohag transport.

Where You Stay In Pang Thu Mai

There are some well-decorated hotel in sylhet.most of the hotel stand beside on Mazar gate road, amborkahna and zindabazar.some of the hotel-
1. Hotel Eastern gate and panahar restaurant.
2. Hotel Gulsion.
3. Hotel dorga veu.

4. Greenland hotel and restaurant.
5. Hotel city link international.
6. Shurma valley rest house.
7. Hotel Bahrain residential.
8. Hotel kuraisy residence.
9. Hotel Azmir.
10. Hote payra.
11. Hotel Supreme.
12. Hotel polash.
13. Hotel western.
14. Hotel Anurag.
15. Hotel al Amin.
16. Hotel gardens inn.
17. Hotel ferdous.
18. Hotel Panama.
19. Hotel hill town.
20. Hotel rose veu.
21. Hotel star Pacific.
22. Hotel taz mahal.


What Will Do
1. You can take execute photo,
2. You can entertain from the mountain and shower.
3. You can ride the boat and u can how to swim in the river.

Food convenience: There are some food restaurants. but you can take food from Sylhet.

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