Saint Martin Island: Natural Beauty Of Coral Island!

In Beautiful Bangladesh Cox’s Bazar Is Queen Of Natural Beauty. Saint Martin Island is the Natural Beauty Of Coral Island part of Cox’s Bazar.

The coral island called some beautiful name. They are sounds good like:

  • Saint Martin Island
  • St Martin 
  • St Marteen
  • St Martin Island 
  • Saint Marteen
  • Saint Maarten
  • Narikel Jinjira
The island is famous for its coral, st Maarten resorts, st Maarten hotels, st Maarten beaches, the beauty of its own natural environment, etc.
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Saint Martin Island

Saint Martin Island Video

Saint Martin’s island is a coral island which stands beside last south of Bangladesh, northeast of Bongoposhagor. This is far away 9 KM from Taknaf district of cox-bazar and it stands 8 KM far away from the coast of Myanmar, west of estuarine of Naf River. Locally this place is called Narikal Jinjira because there are available Coconuts. 
In common long time ago in unfavorable weather, an Arabian ship with full of cinnamon got beaten up with a big stone which was hidden in seawater and broke. As a result, all the cinnamon in the ship spread all over the island and after this place is called by the name of Daruchinir Dip. 
The Daruchinir Dip movie was shot here which was written by Humayun Ahmed and directed by Taukir Ahmed.
 Saint Martins is a popular tourist place. At the time of tourism, there come and go 5 lonch from the main plat of Bangladesh. You can enjoy the real test of Saint Martin’s if you stay here for one day. 
It’s better if you stay for two days. One day is for traveling Chera Dip and another day to visit Saint Martin’s Island. There is no comment if you can go at the time of moonlit night, you can hang out at night and can increase your wish to live for a long time.
 Cycle Rent 
You can hire a cycle to ride beside the beach. 60-70 TK needs to hire a cycle for one hour. 
Electrical Benefit
There is no electricity at Saint Martin’s Island. They depend on the Generator. Resort and Hotels people play generator up to 10-11 PM from evening. You can’t feel the need for electricity at the time of winter because when no need any fan. You feel a problem when you will charge the Mobile Phone, Laptop, and Camera etc.

 Some Tips For Travel Saint Martin’s   

01. You can communicate with some travel agency from Dhaka.
02. You can go by Ship from November to March, after March you will be gone by Trolar.
03. There is no lack of any kind of Hotel to live in.
04. If you want to live in chief rent, don’t go at the time of Friday and Saturday.
05. Everything is gone from outside, for this the price of everything is high.
06. 5-6 thousand money need for per person for three days.

 How Will Go Saint Martin’s Island

 You can go Teknaf by bus of Dhaka, Chittagong and Cox Bazar. Eagle, Modern Line, S. Alom, Shayamoli, Green Line, etc buses go for Taknaf. You need to go 10-13 hours. There has a regular bus to go Taknaf from Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar.
You have to cut the ticket for sea track to reach taknaf Ship Ghat. The distance of Saint Martins from Taknaf is 9 KM. you can reach there at the time of winter because when there the sea has become calm down. 
Water bus of Green Line, L C Kutubdiya, Kajol, Keyari Sindbad etc Ship come and go from 10 AM to 3 PM. Besides, you can go by boat or speedboat.
After April all Ship has been stopped to go to Saint Martin’s for Unbearable weather but if you want to go for real adventure you can go by fishing boat.
Cell number of Kayari Sindbad: 01817210421, 0341-62812, 8125881.

 Where Will Stay At Saint Martin’s 

Saint Martins Has a lot of Hotel and Resort, their cell number is here:
01. Blue Merine: you have to book from Dhaka,  01819063418, 01722473613, 01819063425, 028358484,9342351.
02. Coral Blue Resort: 01713190013, 01713190007.
03. Prashad Paradise: 01551222211.
04. Pacific Resort: 01732434264.
05. Hotel Shopno Probal: 01814274409, 01722545872.
06. Shomudro Bilash( Humayun Ahmed): 01813019839.
07. Shimana Periye: 01819018027, 01817042020, they have a tent if you want they will give you.
08. Nil Digonte Resort: 01730051004.
09. Obokash Porjoton: 01713145584, 9342351.
10. Koral View Resort: 01980004777.

Where Will Eat
All hotel has their Restaurant if you want you can eat from here. Besides, you can order fresh alive fish to fry for eating which is decorated on the table outside of can do Bar- B- Q at night.

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