Top 10 Visiting Place in Dhaka Bangladesh Which You Should Visit

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. This is a small city but their population is large. This is an old city. Once upon a time, this was a peace, neat, and clean place but now this is a dirty, crowded and peace less place. in this situation if some want to get refreshment they can visit some beautiful place at Dhaka. Now I am going to write the name of top 10 visiting place in Dhaka.
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Top 10 Visiting Place in Dhaka Bangladesh


Top 10 Visiting Place in Dhaka Bangladesh

1. Lalbagh Kella: Which stands at Lalbagh, old Dhaka. 

2. Ahsan Manzil: This stands at shadarghat, old city, by the site of Buri Gunga river.

3. Bangladesh National Museum: This is at Sashabag, Dhaka.

4. Roman Park. : This is at Sashabag, Dhaka.

5. National Zoo: This is standing at Mirpur, Dhaka. 

6. Botanical Garden: This is the nature of trees and its stand at Mirpur.

7. Dhanmondi Lake: This is staying at Dhanmondi.

8. Fantasy Kingdom: This is at Baipail, Savar.

9. Diya Bari: This is at Uttara, Dhaka.

10. Nondon Park: This is Ashulia, Savar. 

These are the best visiting place in Dhaka. You should visit these place for observing Dhaka’s history. Hopefully, by visiting this sightseeing you will able to make pleasure in your mink by the name of Dhaka.

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