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In the job market of Bangladesh, there is no alternative to becoming efficient in particular sector educationally and practically. Other than that, one has to have the clear idea about the market and its institutes for increasing one’s acceptance. A career in the travel agency is really presentable and reputational job for the people who already completed their education level.

But there has a wrong idea of the candidates of Bangladesh. That is, they thought that if they become highly educated, they can be judged and suitable for any kind of job. But it is not available for every institute. In fact, according to manage the business there only need the efficient workers.

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There has 2200 travel agency in Bangladesh. Depending on the size and work sphere a small or middle-class travel agency has 15 to 20 people and for large class management, there have 50 to 80 people on the different work basis.

Build Your Career In Travel Agency


Reservation Officer

Most of us mind that the work of a travel agency is only booking the plane ticket. In order to fulfil the need of a traveller, a travel agency books airlines ticket, confirm it or reject it. The person who does this job in a travel agency is called the Reservation Officer. 

A ticket reservation officers have a lot of duty in any travel agency. In fact, every traveller gets the earth’s any airlines ticket from a travel agency by them. In due to maintaining the offers and business scalability of a small or middle-class travel agency there has 5 to 15 ticket reservation officer. In an account of that huge amounts of people’s employment have done by around 2200 business maintaining travel agencies in Bangladesh. Moreover newly build airlines need a lot of people in this sector. As a result, there has need of a lot of efficient people in this profession.

For coming in this profession one doesn’t need so high education. One must only have the special training of ticketing and reservation alongside graduation. Also, have the knowledge to run the travel agency reservation software. And for that, it is must to have acquired the professional degree. Different institutes provide this kind of training in Bangladesh. 

But the training of Bangladesh Porjoton Corporation and Biman Bangladesh helps a person to become efficient in the industry of travel agency. The name of the training course of Bangladesh Porjoton Corporation is ‘Travel Agency and Tour Operator’. One has the minimum quality of SSC certification for taking part in this 18 months long course. Subjects that are to be learned in this course;

1. IATA Conference Area
2. Vast Knowledge of International Travel Geography
3. Information on the Cost of Different Tour
4. Evaluation of Travellers During Travel Operation
5. Tactics of Different Travel Agency
6. Use of Travel Manuel
7. Price of Tickets and How Ticketing Works
8. Training in the English Language
9. Training on the Basis of Reservation Officer’s Skill
10. The concept of Travel Agency’s Operation and Management

There have more important positions in travel agency other than these. One can build up a good career by taking required training and education.  Some of them are included briefly-

Tour Manager

In the decision of the institute, maintaining tour, planning, costing and liaison maintaining are the duty of the Tour Manager. Tour Manager does not take part in the tour. But he bears the duty of all profit and loss.

Tour Operator

Tour Operator attached to the announced package tour by the institute. He is needed to be adjusted in any situation about the tour. As a Tour Operation Operator, he bears all the duty of tour. Anyone can come to this profession after completing the course ‘Travel and Tourism’.

Tour Guide

The name Tour Guide defines its work sphere. In a tour, a Tour Guide has to take the tourists to different attractive places and provides detailed information on history and feature. To come to this profession one must be minimum graduate and good skill in English speaking alongside in any other languages. Moreover, have the expertise on geography.

Sales Executive

For expanding business and coming up in the market travel agencies appointed Sales Executive. According to the need, they adjust the customers to accomplish their target. To come in this profession one must be graduate and have the capability to speak in pure language.

Hope so now you almost clear for about Building Your Career In Travel Agency. Have any question of it don’t forget to ask via comment.

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