My first trip to India (Kolkata and Digha Sea)

3rd session:
After doing lunch go to the next store and buy a “thumbs-up”. Coke, Pepsi, you ate a lot. Let’s do something new.
While the rest of the room with a map and a smart phone read out.

Kolkata and Digha Sea

In front of the Indian Museum make crossing the street, the signal from the bus stand. Know before you whether Howrah. The bus withdrawn went through the front of the station on the Howrah Bridge. Ticket price is 8 Rs. Down from the bridge into the river side of the bus at the Howrah station on the right side of the road Walk along the Hooghly Bridge. 
Within 10 minutes, the right side, you will get “Indian Railway Museum”. If you want then cut a ticket at 10 Rs and visit it.

Now came to the Howrah Station and see the chart, or learn from anyone’s that when Dighar train left the station in the morning.

As far as I remember the train number, 18001, if you search it in the chat, I hope you will get it. Probably the train will leave Howrah at 6 am. I’m not sure because I went on the bus; it costs more and takes longer. After getting all information go and visit the Howrah Bridge. You can ask anyone to see Kali Ghat temple.

Kolkata and Digha Sea

After visit take the bus if you want to return. Take the ticket to Park Street. Ticket price is 8 Rs per person. Here you can visit the New Market. You can do some shopping. You can watch the 9 pm show movies. To see movie you have to inform your hotel that you return hotel lately and it takes more than 1 am. And you will eat dinner before you see the movie. 

Take rest back to the hotel at night. Charge the mobile phone and camera. We went to Digha by bus, but returned by train. Because I didn’t get any blog post about Digha in nets. Just did not know how I can go. After talking to the hotel manager I know that from Dharmatala i get the bus. That’s why I went to the bus. We haven’t stay in Digha. You can stay if you want to, but in my opinion better not to stay.

With you take the bag, keep photocopies of passports and visas. For soaking clothes and for changing Lungi and towel put up at the night. Digha to go eat lunch, including two people in 1000 will be Rs. Keep in excess of Rs 1000. It is kept for security. Two people should keep share Rs. Keep the phone with you. I will recommend you to keep a bag. Take a bottle of drinking water.

Left rest of the money and things at the hotel, in the morning, to go to inform the manager that you will come late at night. Probably it will take 12 am.

Put a card with their mobile numbers. If you have then you do not need to take. Take a fresh sleep. Get up in the morning. Get up early more than one and half hours ago before the train to leave. It is in the hands long enough time to be fresh out. Put that way, the alarm.

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