A Journey By Boat Is A Pleasurable Journey In Beautiful Bangladesh

A journey is a great pleasure to me. I am particularly delighted of a journey by boat on the river. Beautiful Bangladesh is the land of rivers. So, Bangladesh is the right county for a journey by the bot for much pleasure.
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A Journey By Boat In Bangladesh
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Journey By Boat In Bangladesh River

Decide Your Time and object To Travelling By A Boat On The River 

Once I made a plan to visit my sister’s house by boat along with some of my foreign friends. Accordingly, we started on the appointed day for the place which is ten miles away from our village and situated on the bank of the river, Meghna.

Some Detail Of Our Journey By A Boat

We hired a small boat. The boatman was a middle-aged person. The boat was well-built with a bamboo-made roof and a sail on it. There were two oars on either side of the stern. After making all necessary preparations we started the journey early in the morning. We had with us some food-staff, tea, biscuits and some fruits. One of my friends had a camera and another brought a transistor set.

Things Seen And Enjoyed 

We were, in fact, very delighted to see the beautiful scenery on either side of the river. The near-by and far-off villages, trees, green fields and dwelling houses looked so charming that we could not help taking some snap-shots with the camera. As we passed by, we were moved to see the people bathing and swimming in the river, the fishermen fishing and the village women carrying water with pitchers. We found many boats sailing up and down and also heard many boatmen singing folk- songs. Our boatman was fond of telling funny stories. While he was taking rest, we found him smoking his tobacco pipe, hookah to his heart’s content.

Words For End Of Your Journey

We reached our sister’s house in the afternoon. We were late because our main purpose was not the visit but the journey. We enjoyed the journey to our entire satisfaction. We made the return journey equally interesting. Journey by boat is really free from road hazards, mechanical troubles or accidents. That is why, our journey was very comfortable, interesting as well as exciting.

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