A Rainy Day In Bangladesh Is Glamorous Day To All

A rainy day is a wet day. It is a day of continuous rainfall. It may also drizzle all day long. Bangladesh is a riverine country and people are always love it as a motherland. When comes rainy day people suffer a little bit but they enjoy that day so much. In this post, I will try to share a live rainy day in Bangladesh with you.

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A Rainy Day In Bangladesh

Description Of A Rainy Day

A rainy day is always gloomy. The sky remains cloudy. The sun never shines during the whole day. Flashes of lightning with rolls of thunder, at times, become very terrible.

Sometimes, rains accompanied by gusty or squally wind paralyse the normal life of the people. They cannot go out of doors easily. Many roads go under water. The ponds and canals swell up with water. The frogs begin to croak delightfully from these places. 

Rainy Day for the Poor and the Rich People

A rainy day is a curse to the poor people. The day labourers suffer a lot. The life of the people living in huts and the slums become very miserable. 

The rich do not have such problems. They can also go out using some means of transport. But all working class people suffer a lot in different ways on a rainy day.

A Rainy Day To The Passers-By

A rainy day brings misery to the passers-by. As the unmetalled roads become muddy and slippery, they cannot walk easily along the roads. 

Sometimes, they have to wade through knee-deep water in the low-lying areas. Many of them are wet to the skin for want of umbrella. The rickshaw-pullers take advantage of this and earn a little more profit on the day.

Over To You For A Rainy Day

A rainy day is welcome by the idle. On the other hand, it brings happiness to the school children because they enjoy a day’s holiday without permission of anybody. 

A rainy day, however, does some good to us. Filth, dirt and dust around us are washed away by rainwater. 

If you are a Bangladeshi then go to the village to feel the rainy day feeling. The tourist can also feel it by travelling Bangladesh.

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