A Street Hawker In Bangladesh Is A Familiar Face To Children

A hawker is a person who sells his goods moving from street to street and from door to door. It’s a common matter in Bangladesh and others developing countries. In this post, I am gonna share with you about a common man’s lifestyle called a street hawker in Bangladesh.

So, Let’s see appear for him or her who famous by the name of a street hawker in Bangladesh.

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A Street Hawker In Bangladesh
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Description A Little Bit Of A Street Hawker In Bangladesh

Hawkers are petty businessmen. They do not have much money. They carry goods in different ways. Some use baskets and wooden trays, some use their heads or hands and some use platform on wheels which they push from behind. 

A hawker has a variety of articles, such as toys, bangles, hair-ribbons, hair-pins, cosmetics, balloons, garments, channachur, sweets, fruits, fish, chickens and vegetables. Some hawkers sell newspapers and magazines going on their bicycles.

How Hawker Sells His Goods

A hawker has his own way of announcing the arrival. He makes strange shouts and peculiar musical tone to draw the attention of his customers. 

As the prices of his articles are not fixed, a great deal of bargaining takes place. After compromise one or two items are purchased. Sometimes, he sells his goods to the known customers on credit. 

His Favourite customers

A hawker can easily attract the attention of the children. He is a very clever person. He chooses an hour when the male members of the family are away from home. His favourite customers are, therefore, the children who crowd around him and the women who stand at the doorsteps to see or buy his fancy goods.

Over To You With Last Words About Street Hawker

A hawkers is a poor man. He moves from place to place to earn a little profit. His income is not sufficient but still he hopes for better days. 

The hawkers do some good to us. We need not spend money for going to market because they carry goods of daily use to our doors. So they can claim a little higher price for such benefit.

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