A Village Market In Bangladesh Is Much Popular To Village People

A village market is a place where village people buy and sell commodities to meet their household requirements. Village Market is most common and at the same time is a popular word in Bangladesh to villagers. 

In this post I will share will you a detail of village market in Bangladesh. So, let’s see appear.
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A Village Market In Bangladesh

Village Market In Bangladesh(Video)

Location For Held A Village Market 

A market is generally held at a place which is well linked by road, canal or river. So, very often one would find a village market by the side of a road or a river.

Description For A Village Market In Bangladesh 

A village market is the centre of all commercial activities of the villagers. It is held once or twice a week. Many markets also sit in the morning for vegetables, fish and milk. 

A village market starts in the midday and ends up before or after sunset. It is a very noisy and crowded place. Thousands of village people come to buy and sell different commodities. There are some people who visit the market for idle gossip or for contact with friends and relations to exchange news or views of mutual interest.

Kinds Of Shops For Sales And Purchases

A village market has usually three section- an open space, temporary sheds and permanent sheds. Vegetables, betel-nuts, fruits, and basket etc. are sold in the open space. 

The temporary sheds are made of rows and covered with roofs only. Mainly the grocers sit there and sell there and oil, salt, gur, spices and other stationery items. 

The Fishmarket is located in these sheds. The permanent sheds have shops to sell household requirement. Tea stalls and husking mills are also set in these sheds. 

On the other hand, one may find a cobbler or a barber sitting at any corner to sell hid labour.

Attractions For A Village Market

The fish market is the great attraction of the villagers. Other things which attract them most are the canvassers who sell medicine etc. by making eloquent speeches or beating drums.

Usefulness For A Village Market

Life in the village would become difficult without a village market. It fulfils the basic needs of the people including employment. It boosts up economic activities of people and makes them financially viable.

Over To You For A Village Market

A village market is an integral part of the rural life. The government or the local authorities should plan to make a village market an ideal place for trade and commerce.

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