Adams Peak a Historical And Consecrated Hill In Sri Lanka

Adams Peak

Adams Peak is located in the Ratnapura district of Sripada, a province on the south-western border of Sri Lanka. Not only Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists – this peak is very sacred to the followers of these three religions. Everyone thinks that our original father Hazrat Adam (AS) came or fell directly from heaven on the mountain of Adam. The summit is surrounded by a vast expanse of greenery, with occasional hilly slopes. There are numerous small rivers and mountain springs around the hilltops. All in all a magical eye-catching scene. Adam’s Peak contains a huge boulder. Its height is 6 feet. Above it is the footprint which is believed to be the footprint of Adam (PBUH). The footprint measures about 5 feet 6 inches, the length and width are 2 feet 6 inches.

Adams Peak

According to Buddhism, this footprint was discovered in 300 BC. The footprints have been fenced off since they were discovered. Hundreds of tourists have traveled to the summit for ages. Those who have traveled to the top of the world have not only looked around but also touched the footprints of Adam. Not only Sri Lankans, but many Muslims abroad believe that when Hazrat Adam (AS) was sent to earth, he first set foot on that mountain in Sri Lanka. That is why Muslims look at that mountain with infinite reverence. That is why it is called Adam’s Peak or Adam’s Peak. There is a mystery in every layer of this mountain. Getting to the top of the hill is a very risky adventure. But many have gone there at risk. They were surprised to see the footprints in their own eyes.

Also worth seeing are the Holy Footprints, the Bhagavad Gita, the World Peace Pagoda, and the unearthly sunrise. Climbing at Adams Peak is very risky. The path to reach the top is through the jungle. That jungle is dangerous in many ways. There are poisonous insects. However, there is a metal staircase near the top. It has about 5,000 steps. Not every step of it is safe. It takes at least 5 to 7 hours to get to the top with the risk. Its location in a region with a complex climate. The mountain can be climbed for only three to four months in a year. At other times of the year, it becomes impossible to climb. Because, in the poetic sense, it can be said that this mountain then hides inside the clouds. Clouds glowed from all sides.

When to go

From the full moon in December or the full moon to the full moon in April is the peak time for pilgrims. Also during the holidays and during the full moon, the crowds are always high. Many people start hiking or hiking at night so that they can go in the morning and watch the sunrise. You can also hike during the day if you want, there are arrangements to stay in the cave at night. Take sleeping bags and food. See the sunrise and return the next morning. But always try to avoid the rain. Because it will make the journey risky and you will miss the natural beauty of the surroundings. At least 13 fountains will be seen on the way up.

How to go To Adams Peak

You can take the bus from the Colombo bus stand or take the bus from the Good Shed Bus Department, located near the Post Office in Kandy. If you want to get on the train, you have to take the Colombo-Kandy-Nuwara Eliya line and get off at Hatton Multiple private buses ply from Hatton to the foot of the hill, a distance of about 33 kilometers. Brave travelers use the Hatton Path to ascend and the Ratnapura Path to descend. This second path is used for tracking only. There are several food stalls along the way to get water and food. Dalhousie can be reached by train or by bus or by tuk-tuk. It takes about an hour and a half to reach the bus and it takes about an hour. Bus fares are .65 and tuk-tuks will cost 7-11.

Where to stay

Dalhousie town in Ratnapura district is the closest place to Adams Peak. All kinds of hotels are available near the main road of this city.

For budget travelers –

The White House [$ 25 USD / night] is a great location and great rooms.

Grand Adams Peak [$ 25 USD / night] – Just 350 feet from Adams Peak. Each room has a balcony.

Also for mid-range travelers –

the White Elephant Hotel [$ 46 USD] is a great location. Peaks can be seen from the veranda of the room. Punsisi Rest [$ 57 USD] Great location as well as great views.

For luxury travelers, there is Mandira Craig Appin Bungalow [225 USD]

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