Jhitka Mustard Field The Beautiful Place In Bangladesh

Jhitka of Manikganj, adjacent to Dhaka the horizon covers a wide range of cane fields. In the middle of the broad yellow field, the date tree is standing in the rows. Honey farmers collect honey from the fields. Called yellow curve away from the cold Maghs Winter. Fog gray crosses yet the time of the Halud. Princess on the fairytale, princess yellow on the neck think so. 

Every day is present to give the yellow Wedding Bride. The Butterfly, Bess, blue -colored birds of haludia, Insects and everyone in the state is present. Everyone should fall in the attack on the yellow. without it, if you can reach Jhitka in the early morning, however, the excess payment will be collected dates juice.
Jhitka Mustard Field

When To Get The Mustard Flower 

December to January have more than seen the Mustard Flower. Best time for visiting Mustard field early morning or afternoon.
Jhitka Mustard Field

How To Go Mustard Field

From Dhaka to Gulshan to go Shuvojatra and BRTC transport. And from old Dhaka Babu Bazar to go Janjabil and Shuktara transport. From Gabtoli to Jatrisheba, Padma, line, Nobinboron, Village line and Jonosheba transport. Firstly you can go Manikganj. Bus rent-50-60 taka. BRTC rent-90 taka. Shuvojatra rent-80 taka. Then you can go Jhitka by local bus. Bus rent-30 taka. It is a good idea to take your own car travel here.

Where You Will Stay

Where the bus falls down, there are hotels. Room rent up to 2 seats -150-200 taka. Without it, there are some hotels in the town hall.
Some Useful Information 
If the dates juice is to eat you have to go early in the morning to Jhitka.Then you will go to the house of Shamim Hazari from Jhitka by Rickshaw. On the other side, you will see the juice collector. The juice is to be collected from here. There is no one to be known to take good Molasses of dates. 700 taka per KG. Also, get good Molasses per KG -120-350 taka.
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