The Magnificent Apu Jharna Of Khagrachari

Apu Jharna

As soon as he gets rid of his busy life, he wants to go to a place surrounded by nature in search of some peace. And if it is an opportunity to soak the heart in the current of the beautiful cool fountain, then the journey will definitely be successful. Khagrachari can be the base of numerous fountains so it is a suitable place for your trip. Beauty posara is scattered all over Khagrachari. Here are some of the most beautiful fountains in the country to enchant you. Apu Jharna is one of such beautiful springs. Although this waterfall is very close to Risang waterfall, most tourists do not know about this waterfall.

Location of Apu Jharna in Matiranga Union of Khagrachhari district. The reason for naming this spring as Apu Jharna is not known. However, this waterfall is also known as Risang Jharna 2. Its approximate height is 65 feet. It is a fountain downstream of the Risang fountain.

Although it is not difficult to go to Risang Jharna, the way to this Apu Jharna is quite inaccessible. This is why many people avoid it. The inaccessible path is to walk through the bushes. In some places, a person has to jump up and down an equally high step. You have to step very carefully, if you make a mistake, dig.

After about fifteen minutes walk from Risang waterfall you will find a hilly slope. You have to go down this slope very carefully. For those who have no previous experience of mountain climbing, this slope is extremely risky. Once the foot slips, you can go down a few hundred feet into the ditch and wear it. You will find a ravine under the slope.

Apu Jharna

These shallow water slopes flowing through small and big rocks are called Jhiripath. You will find an open garden along the Jhiripath. This garden is amazingly beautiful. And here, on one side, Apu Jharna flows from above with the sound of Jhir Jhir. On the other side of it is an open garden of fine stone and surrounded by high mountains.

There is no way to understand how beautiful it is without seeing this wonderful view here. That nature is amazingly beautiful. In the midst of the natural beauty here, time seems to stand still. Bathing in the crystal clear water of this fountain will fill your mind and soul. The fatigue of the inaccessible path to come will be lost in an instant in the cool-clear water of this fountain. The beauty of this waterfall is so enchanting that it is really worthwhile to come here by crossing inaccessible paths.

The joy of swimming in the endless stream is really great. Here the water under the fountain has formed like a small well. Its water is very cold. You can take a bath here as you wish. Surrounded by greenery, this fountain, which descends in infinite glory, is like a fairy of nature. Even if it pushes away fatigue for a while, you will be lost in its waters with boundless joy.

How to get there:

First, you have to come to the Khagrachhari district. Shyamoli, Hanif, and other transport buses can go to Khagrachhari from Dhaka. The rent will be 520 Tks. Besides, AC buses of BRTC and St. Martins Transport go to Khagrachhari. Dhaka / Chittagong – 10 km east of Khagrachhari Road, get off at Risang or Member Para bus stand.

From the bus stand, take the brick soling for about 2 km and go to the road to Risang Jharna on the left-hand side. You have to walk this 2 km from the bus stand. From the bus stand of Risang or Member Para, take a brick sling and go straight to Risang without going to the left. If you come to the front about twenty yards, you will see a tamarind tree about 15 yards away.

If you go down to the left side of the tamarind tree for about 15 minutes, you will find Apu Jharna at the head of the jhiri. In addition, if you want to go from Khagrachhari city, you can reserve a moon car (jeep car) or CNG if you do not have your own car. Reserving a moon car will cost around Tk 3,000. One car can seat 14 people. In this case, you have to come first to Risang Jharna here.

A footpath descends down the stairs leading down to the Risang Fountain. This is the way to get Apu Jharna. You can see this fountain in one day. If you want, you can leave Dhaka by night bus and see the next day and leave for Dhaka by night bus again.

Where to stay:

If you want to stay the night, you can stay in a tourist motel. There are also many residential hotels around Shapla Square in the city. The rent for these varies from Tk. 500 to Tk. 2,000. Below are the names and addresses of some of the hotels:

Tourist Motel: You can get it by crossing the Chengi River to enter the city. All the rooms in this motel have 2 beds. Rent: AC Tk 2,100, Non AC Tk. 1,300. Contact: 03716-208485.

Ekochhari Inn Hotel: Located in a hilly environment next to Khagrapur Cantonment. This is a resort-type hotel. Contact: 0371-62625, 3743225. Hotel Shail Suburban: 0371-61436, 01190776812.

Jerin Hotel: 0371-61071.

Hotel lobby: 0371-61220, 01556575746, 01199244730.

Hotel Shilpi: 0371-61795.

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