The Traditional Date Molasses At Shariatpur

Shureshwari data, Padma hilsa, and date molasses are the three Shariatpur. ‘

Traditional Date Molasses

The date juice of Shariatpur and the date molasses made from that juice are an integral part of the district. In the winter season, the villages of Shariatpur are filled with the smell of date juice and molasses. The juice collecting trees from the date palms go out before morning to collect the juice. Around the village, he skillfully climbed the palm trees in the field and brought down the rent (earthenware pot, the small version of the pitcher) from there.

The tradition of eating date juice in the morning

Cover with cold date juice like nectar. Everyone in the house eats breakfast with cold date juice and mudri. On the other hand, the work of burning juice continues. Over time this juice turns into delicious molasses. The tree family used to sell this juice and molasses in the market.

Traditional Date Molasses

The main ingredient in traditional winter cakes and pies is date juice and molasses. Various cakes made of date molasses are available in every house in Shariatpur. These cakes and pies are given to entertain any guest who comes to the house.

Even a few years ago, many people from different villages were involved in the production and marketing of date molasses. From trees to blacksmiths, potters, bamboo artisans, storekeepers, wholesalers, transporters, shopkeepers, many people in the area were, directly and indirectly, dependent on date juice and molasses.
In the past, Shariatpur molasses was famous not only in this district but all over the country. But with the passage of time, this famous juice and molasses of Shariatpur are on the way to being lost due to the burning of date palms in the local brick kiln. As there are no trees, the trees are also being forced to change their profession to another profession.

Traditional Date Molasses

Current status:

According to a former person involved in this profession, there were many trees before to collect date juice. But the trees have been cut down for various reasons. As a result, it has become difficult to collect date juice now. Moreover, to prepare molasses from date juice, a lot of fuel is required. In the past, these fuels were procured from the aman and aus paddy straw which was abundant in the fields of Shariatpur. But now the farmers are cultivating boro paddy and fuel is not available as before. Buying wood at high prices increases the cost of producing molasses. As a result, it is becoming difficult for local farmers to make date molasses.

Because of this problem, many people are selling date palms and planting trees suitable for furniture. Which is affecting the date molasses industry in Shariatpur. Piara Begum, an elderly woman from Syedbasta village in Damudya Upazila, told a national daily (Ittefaq) that in winter, the boys of our house used to bring juice from the date orchards on both sides of the Burudhat Damudya canal to make breakfast. And in the morning the trees used to gossip when they got less juice. Which is just a myth at the present time.

Traditional Date Molasses

Abdul Mannan, 60, of Mirzapur village in Vedharganj Upazila, said, “Even 5-6 years ago, there were hundreds of date palms in our village.” I used to take turns extracting the juice of more than two hundred date palms every day. I used to produce two to two and a half ounces of molasses every day. By selling that, my family was comfortable. But today it is just a memory. Since the date palm trees have been cut down and sold indiscriminately for brick kiln fuel, no more than 20-30 date palms can be found in the entire village. As a result, I was forced to quit this job. ‘

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