Ghagra Or Kolabagan Waterfall A Beautiful Waterfall at Rangamati

Ghagra Or Kolabagan Waterfall

Be a mountain lover or a water-lover-hill girl cannot help but be fascinated by the beauty of the Rangamati waterfalls. Every year when the rains come, the innumerable springs hidden in the valleys of the mountains wake up. In the midst of wild beauty, the continuous flow of the fountain erases all the filth and makes the minds of the tourists untied. Those who want to enjoy the beauty of the wonderful waterfalls of Rangamati can head towards Ghagra Jhorna.

This waterfall in the close proximity of the mountain lake will create a different feeling in your mind. The spring is located at Kalabagan in the Ghagra area of ​​Chittagong-Rangamati highway. Locally it is known as ‘Kalabagan Jharna’.

Kalabagan area is 3-4 km ahead of Ghagra army camp on Rangamati road. You can reach the area of ​​this waterfall just a five-minute walk away from a small hilly stream flowing to the left of the main road.

There are eight to ten small and big fountains

These springs flow throughout the monsoon season. As you walk on the numerous pebbles scattered on the hillside, you can see the amazing natural beauty of the surroundings. As soon as you see this beauty, you will reach the main fountain. Numerous small fountains will start to catch your eye on the way here. After 15 to 20 minutes of walking, you will be greeted by the first big waterfall.

Then you have to go up the light slippery but smooth path. The mind will want to float in its endless current. Get back to the vicissitudes of childhood. If you climb a little higher than the first fountain, you will get another fountain. It will take away your fatigue and make you seduced in an instant. If you go a little further, the other fountain will seduce you even higher. The solid stone walls here are like artistic architecture.

The higher you cross each waterfall, the more you will be fascinated. The way to the main fountain is very beautiful. You will be mesmerized by the pebbles and green forests scattered along the road. You will go to another state of the universe in an instant.

At the very end of this path, you will see the largest waterfall. This fountain is so high that many times it is scary to go near it. But the bigger it is, the more beautiful it is. Nothing can be deprived of its beauty.

The main feature of the fountains here is that the water flows down from a level at least one and a half to two hundred feet high. Each fountain has some different beauty. You can’t understand its boundless natural beauty without seeing it with your own eyes. This surul water flows through the heart of the mountain.

The heart-wrenching beauty of the waterfalls and mountains will take you to another world. The murmur of this fountain spread the melody of Nikkan sound all around. It is as if the artist of nature has painted the side of life in the middle of the green forest. The water of this fountain is so clear and transparent that you can jump here with joy in your mind.

It is very easy to go down 50-60 feet by leaving the limbs as desired from the top of the fountain. There is no possibility of slipping. Still, be careful. Clearwater can be easily drunk here. This cool milky water will quench the thirst of your mind and soul. The fatigue of the path will disappear in an instant. When the golden light of the last afternoon falls on the fountain, the beauty of the surroundings becomes even more alluring.

There is a large presence of local and foreign tourists as well as locals of Rangamati-Khagrachhari and Bandarban and surrounding districts. It is like a fountain of joy. This fountain spot is visited by innumerable people almost every day.

How to get there:

You can rent CNG from Rangamati town to this waterfall. The rent will be 200-250 Tks.

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