Kumarikundo Sitakundu Chittagong Natural Beauty Of Bangladesh

Kumarikundo is one of the common places in the list of place to visit in Chittagong. It is the part of the natural beauty of Bangladesh.

Shitakundo is a mythological region. There are hundreds Chora from the mountains. There are hidden surprises in each other  Chora. Likewise, one Chora was found the ruins of an ancient temple of mysterious mystery, Kumarikundo.

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Maybe, ancient Hindus considered hot springs holy.

Basically, Lobonakkhokundo and Ognikundo got up by the name of Pithsthan around the fires of the burning gas in the gas gush. Maybe this was such a temple like that. People may have forgotten about the place due to the distance of at least ten-kilometer from the main quarter and between the era.

A transparent blue water stone with eight to ten feet deep picket well. Gas bubbles are rising from the bottom of the transparent blue water. The walls around collapsed long time ago. All the stones are weird around. 

How Will Go Kumarikundo Chittagong

You will go Shitakundo from Dhaka by bus or train. Then will go at Kumarikundo with the help of local people.

Where Will Stay In Chittagong Kumarikundo

There is the name of some hotels appearing below:

01. Hotel Paramount, Station road. Cost for non-AC single 800TK, double 1300 TK AC 1400 and 1800 TK. Contact number -031-2856771, 0171-3248754.

02. Hotel Asian S.R. cost for non AC 1000 TK and AC 1750 TK. Contract number-01711889555. 

03. Hotel Safina. Anayet Bazar, the cost for non AC 700 TK and AC 1700 TK. Contract number- 031-0614004.

04. Hotel Naba En. Cost: 2500-3000 TK. Cell number-01755564382.

05. Hotel Landmark. Cost: 2300-3400 TK. Cell number-01731886997, 01820141995.

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