Places To Visit In Bangladesh You Must Check These (12 List)

Places to visit in Bangladesh is the common sentence in google for the traveler and these people who love travel and nature of beauty. Bangladesh is a country called beautiful Bangladesh. The beauty and nature cover up the country with their emotions and fascination.

Bangladesh is a country of South Asia which is surrounded by India and Mymayenmer border. It is a river-based country. Bangladesh, the country of nature has many tourists attraction. It has historical and natural places to visit. One can find many places to visit in Bangladesh. Here I am going to write about Top 12 places to visit in Bangladesh.

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Places To Visit In Bangladesh
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          Top 12 places to visit in Bangladesh

It is too difficult to write about Top and Best 12 places in Bangladesh because it has a lot of places for tourist to visit like Somapura Mahavira, Sundarban, Cox’s Bazar, Rangamati, Sylhet etc. In this post, one can acknowledge about Bangladesh Tourism, Beautiful Bangladesh, Bangladesh travel, Tourist places in Bangladesh and Bangladesh Tourist Spots.
1. Somapura Mahavira: Somapura Mahavira is located in a village named Paharpur near Rajshahi district. Somapura Mahavira is a Sanskrit word it means Great Monastery. It is one of the largest monasteries built in the 8th century in India subcontinental. It was declared as a World Heritage in 1986. 

Main Attraction
a. Somapura Mahavira Buddist monasteries
b. The natural scenery of Paharpur village

2. Barisal: Barisal is located on the bank of Kirtankhula river in the south-central of Bangladesh.It is one of the oldest river ports of Bangladesh. Being a river city it’s people life fully based on the river. It has many tourist attraction.

Main Attraction
a. Guthia Mosque
b. Durga Sagar
c. Guava Market

3. Sonargaon: Sonargaon was the city of Bangla In Mughal’s period. It is also known as”The city of Panama”. Sonargaon was built by Isa Kha in the 15th century. It is a historical place to visit with family and friends.

Main Attraction
a. Sonargaon Museum
b. Panam Nagar
c. Goaldi Mosque

4. Gazipur: Gazipur is an industrial district under Dhaka division. It has many visiting spots where one can go with family and friends for a picnic or a day out.

Main Attraction
a. Bangabandhu safari park
b. Bhawal national park
c. Nuhas Polli
d. Turag waterfront Resort

5. Comilla: Comilla is located in Dhaka- Chittagong high way. Comilla has a lot of tourists spots including historical and natural. One can find many archaeological sites in Comilla. 

Main Attraction
a. Mainamati Ruins
b. Shalbanbihar
c. Rupban Mura
d Dharmasagar pond
e. Gomtiriver

6. Sylhet: Sylhet is Known for its tea plantation and production. It is a prime attraction for tourist because it has the country’s trick tropical forest. It is also known as the holy place for Hindus and Muslim.

Main Attraction
a. Ratargul swamp forest
b. Jaflong
c. Shajalal Dorgha
d. Pangthumai waterfall
e. Bisnakandi

7. Chittagong: Chittagong is the major coastal seaport city in Bangladesh. The city is located on the bank of Karnafuly river.It is a hill tract city. It is an important seaport of South Asia. It is full of natural places to visit.

Main Attraction
a. Potenga Beach
b. Foy’s Lake
c. Shirin of Bayazid Bostami
d. Chandrapura Mosque

8. Sundarbans: Sundarbans is located between two country Bangladesh and India and most of part is in Bangladesh.It is the home of last remaining Bengal Tigers. Here one can also find other wildlife. Sundarban is a mangrove forest with a beautiful view.It is declared as a world heritage site in 1997 by UNESCO.

Main Attraction
a. Sundarban national park
b. Heron point
c. Kotka beach
d. Karamjoll

9. Cox’s Bazar: Cox’s Bazar is the most visited tourist spot in Bangladesh. It is The longest sea beach in the world. The main attraction of Cox’s Bazar is sunrise and sunset.

Main Attraction
a. Cox’s Bazar Beach
b. Inani Beach
c. Himchori
d. 100 Fet Buddha

10. Sixty Dome Mosque: Sixty Dome mosque also known as the “shat Gombuj Mashid”. It was built by Khan Jahan Ali in the 15th century. It is one of the world heritage side declared in 1983 by UNESCOThe mosque is located in suburbs of Bagerhat city in Khulna.

Main Attraction
a. Sixty Dome mosque
b. Mosque of Singar
c. Bibi Begni

11. Rangamati: Rangmati is known as a hill district in Bangladesh. It is located on the bank of Kaptai Lake which is a beautiful blue water lake.The Kaptai lake is made by man.

Main Attraction
a. Kaptai Lake
b. Hanging Bridge
c. Shuvollong Waterfall

12. Dhaka(Old Dhaka): Old Dhaka has many significant places. In British time Dhaka was one of the most important cities of the India subcontinent. Old Dhaka has architectural depiction from Mughal dynasty to British rule.

Main Attraction
a. Lalbag Fort
b. Ahsan Manzil
c. Tara Mosque
d. Armenian Churcch
e. Sadarghat

These are the best places to visit in Bangladesh. For more stay with us and read continue our blog. If you wish to join with us for traveling Bangladesh contact with us via the contact page from the top bar.

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