Madhupur National Park Bangladesh Review You Can Visit

Bangladesh is a land of the river and it is a country of natural beauty. There are so many national parks in Bangladesh as like madhupur national park Bangladesh, himchari national park, madhupur national park, gazipur national park, bhawal national park, and sundarbans national park all of these are bangladesh national park.

Sal (deciduous) forest is a traditional forest of Bangladesh. Once it was famous as the biggest forest of the country. That glory of the forest is no more. Presently this forest is surviving, in a fragmented form, in the middle and northern side of the country. 

Madhupur National Park has been declared within Modhupur Sal forest to maintain the dignity and to uphold the ecosystem of Sal forest. It is such a park where local biodiversity is being conserved in a natural environment. 

Madhupur National Park has sited in Madhupur Upazila of Tangail District about 125 km. far from Dhaka city. It was declared as National Park in 1982 with about 20,837 acres area.

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Madhupur National Park Bangladesh

The soil of this park is bit Acidic. Moreover, due to the presence of iron and aluminium, this park has reddish or yellowish soil. Since rainfall rate is very low, flowing water is rare in here. Hence, this park has rough soil.

That is why this park has different ecosystem compared to other forests of our country. Diverse plants are there in this park with Sal trees as the dominant plant. Sal trees occupy most of the areas of this park.

Since these trees shed leaves in winter, this park becomes pale in winter. Dried leaves cover the whole ground of the park. But new leaves appear in April-May.

White Siris tree, Arjun, Golden shower tree, Silk Cotton etc. 

Plants are also there in this park. The large volume of herbs and shrubs grow in some places of the park. Various flowers bloom in there. Various climbers grow in here. They spirally climb host tree to grow upwards Apart from these, various species of orchids are also found in the Park. Various ferns and fungus also grow in here.

Among medicinal plants Emblic Myrobalan, Black Myrobalan, Beleric Myrobalan, Butterfly tree and Indian Snakeroot are mentionable. Numerous wildlife survives here under the shelter of these plants. Horgoja and Banyan type trees supply a large portion of food for this wildlife.

This park has the largest population of Capped Languor of our country. They roam and feed in the group. Numerous Monkey can also be seen in the park. These social animals are common throughout the park.

This park is also home to various mammals like Squirrel, Jackal, Mongoose, Porcupine, Deer etc.

Percent of various species of birds keeps the Park resonant. Sweet calls of White-Rumped Shama Echoes throughout the Park. Leaf-bird, Barbet, Woodpecker, Bee-eater, Weaver, Parakeet etc. are also common birds in this park. 

These birds play a vital role in pollination of the plants. The park becomes colourful & sonorous due to these birds. This park is also home to various reptiles and amphibians. Menu species of snakes and frogs can be seen in here. 

The ecosystem here is rich with invertebrates like Butterfly, Moth, Spider, and insects. They roam throughout the park. They keep the ecosystem lively by helping in pollination. But the increased human population around the park is affection the ecosystem of the park.

Local people are harming the park by doing deforestation, farming agricultural lank inside forest, doing illegal wildlife hunting etc. So to ensure healthy forest for the future generation, we have to stop the destruction of forest by implementing modern management system.

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