Patharia Hill In Moulvibazar Sylhet Beautiful Bangladesh

Patharia hill is located at Barolikha upojela, District of Mowlobibazar, which old name is Adom Ayel. Madhocundo waterfall is made from fallen water from this mountain. This mountain is far away 72 Km from Shylet Sador, 70 Km from Moulobibazar, 32 km from Kulawra Railway Jangson and 8km from Kathaltoli.

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There are Jerjeri, Kakhra Chori, Ful Dalni Jerjeri and Etauri flower garden springs. The fountains have decorated this Patharia hill another kind of beauty. The water of Chora is flowing on the stones of big and small sizes. Though feel a lot of problems to go near this springs by walking, crystal clear cold water of Chora, around the natural green, the smell of Shasoni lemon, the sound of grig and birds remove all extreme tiredness.

Almost one thousand years ago, this region was full of deep forest, there lived a Naga community called Pathori. In time, this regio is named Patharia after the name of this population. This hill is across 24 Km zones. From the highway of Pathoria can see the district of Karimgang, neighboring country of India.

Although there are huge lemon trees its number has decreased. This forest is popular for the Agor-Ator wood trees. Nowadays, which natural trees can see here among them are Nagkeshor, Palan, Bambo, rattan, Mushokdana and wild litter.

Among the mineral resources are an oil caps in this Patharia hill. In 1933 then the government arranged to lift the oil by the Barma oil company. Later the oil pipes burst and the whole local village float in oil tides with 3 days. At present, this oil cap has been stopped but on the lid of closed well, the sound of the oil is heard by getting ears.

How Will Go Patharia Hill

You can go by bus or train. If you want to go by train you have to go at kamalapur railway station then you have to get the Sylhet bound train, by this train you have to reach Kulawra than you have to go Borolekha by CNG, to go Patharia from Barolekha. You can go to Sheyamoli, Ruposhi Bangla and Ena bus from Sayedabad.

Where Will Stay In Traveling Time

There are 2 Banglo and 2 hotel. Besides, you can live in Moulovibazar or Sylhet hotels. 

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